Download Hard Disk - Best Software & Apps | 5

  1. Create exact images of your hard drive

    Backups are not the only resource you have left when you're hit by computer disasters. Disk images are another alternative choice.With Macrium Reflect you...

  2. Find out which files and folders are eating up hard drive space

    How is it possible that the 1TB hard drive you bought a few months ago is already running out of free space? Find the answer with Disk Space Fan!This simple...

  3. iDefrag

    • 2.8
    • (78 votes)

    Defrag and optimize your hard disk with ease

    Improved error message when Quick (on-line) algorithm encounters Time Machine backups. Some accessibility improvements. Fixed running on 10.5...

  4. JKDefrag GUI

    • 4.2
    • (195 votes)

    Keep your hard disk healthy

    JKDefrag GUI goes beyond the standard defragmenter included in Windows and offers you a very complete tool that makes disk defragmenting easier and more...

  5. Back up your DVDs to disk or your hard drive

    Arc DVD Copy is a good, trial version software only available for Windows, being part of the category Software utilities with subcategory CD & DVD (more...

  6. MyDefrag

    • 4.1
    • (243 votes)

    Free defragmentation program for Windows users

    MyDefrag is free software intended to perform a basic hard disk defragmentation. This can be employed to free up additional space or to identify potential...

  7. Unocver detailed information about your hard drive

    Space is a good, trial version Windows program, being part of the category Software utilities with subcategory Disk (more specifically Disk Analysis).

  8. Quickly transfer your music to your hard disk for safe keeping

    Virtual iPod is an awesome, trial version Windows software, that is part of the category Security software with subcategory Security Backups.

  9. Test the speed of your hard drive

    Disk Bench is a free program for Windows, belonging to the category 'Utilities & Tools'

  10. Analyze in detail space in your hard drive

  11. Bespoke Software Application to Reclaim Hard Drive Space

    Disk Cleaner Suite - 5 Optimization Apps allows users to free space within their hard drives as well as to detect for threats such as spyware. It also...

  12. Simple way to clean your hard drive

  13. Software Application to Free Up Hard Drive Space

    This software package is a viable alternative to more expensive options such as CCleaner Professional. While offering a simple layout, users can still...

  14. A utility tool for removing temporary files

    Disk Diag takes its name from utility tools that used to exist on old Atari computer devices, and it does roughly the same thing in that it cleans up...

  15. Extract drivers from hard disk and back them up

    Fix some errors in translation Some minor tweaks

  16. Software to optimize and free up smartphone memory space

    ES Disk Analyzer can be the perfect solution if you have been experiencing performance issues with your smartphone. This user-friendly hard drive analyzer...

  17. Secure deletion of data on your hard drive

    Disk wiping or hard drive clearing can be necessary for a number of reasons such as to install a new operating system or to simply maintain your privacy.Disk...

  18. Software Application to Free up Hard Drive Space

    Not only is a sluggish hard drive decidedly inconvenient, but the inability to execute certain applications can result in serious issues. This software...

  19. Clean your hard drive with Disk Map Analyzer

    Disk Map Analyzer is a great application that can help you to clean junk files from your disk and reclaim valuable space. The application features a...