Download Hidden Object Games For Windows - Best Software & Apps | 4

  1. Engaging and Beautifully Designs Hidden Object Game

    Finding hidden objects within a highly detailed background can be a great deal of fun. Thanks to the tranquil themes associated with this platform, users...

  2. Engaging Game for Puzzle Fans

    Hidden Object : Hollywood Crime is a classic point and click hidden object puzzle game that takes place in the decadent world of Hollywood. Players take on...

  3. Fun and Highly Engaging Hidden Object Game for Personal Computers

    Monaco is a city famous for its eclectic nightlife and numerous attractions. What better way to enjoy a hidden object game than to become immersed within...

  4. Solve Puzzles and Solve Mysteries in The Three Crooks - Hidden Object

    The Three Crooks - Hidden Object is a puzzle game where players have to find objects hidden across a range of scenes. The game features ten levels in all...

  5. Detail-Rich Hidden Object Game for Personal Computers

    Modern hidden object games are all about the finer details. This platform does not disappoint and it will require a keen eye as well as a steady set of nerves.

  6. Challenging and In-Depth Hidden Object Game

    Hidden object games are a fun and relaxing way to escape the everyday world. Do you have the necessary skills to solve all of the puzzles?