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  1. A true GTA fan

    Grand Theft Auto 5 Theme is developed by Electrocomputerscience and contains over 40 high-quality wallpapers for your PC. This is the perfect theme pack for...

  2. High-quality Windows 8 theme for Windows 7

  3. Christmas wallpapers, icons and mouse cursors for Windows 7

  4. Desktop Wallpaper with Autumn Theme

    Autumn Waterfall is a Wallpaper created by MAC N PC Software. The wallpaper uses action scripts that animate a waterfall on autumn season. It has sound...

  5. Free Halloween Theme Packs For Windows 10/8/7

  6. Celebrate a game 12 years in the making

  7. A Free Desktop customization program for Windows

    GTA 5 wallpapers is an awesome, free multiplatform software (also available for Blackberry, iPhone, and Mac), belonging to the category Desktop customization...

  8. See the gods on your desktop

    God of War Windows Theme is made for avid fans of the adventure game God of War who would like to personalize their desktop. This theme contains lots of...