Download Keyboard Mobile For Android - Best Software & Apps

  1. A free messaging app for everybody

    WhatsApp is a messaging application built for communication with people all over the world. You can use it to text and send voice notes on the fly. It’s also...

  2. Intuitive Virtual Keyboard for Mobile Phone Touchscreens

    There are many times when using an on-screen keyboard can be slow and frustrating. TouchPal Keyboard has vastly simplified this process; allowing for quick...

  3. Colorful Keyboard Background Theme for Smartphones

    Why not add a bit of color to your keyboard when typing? Pink Love Keyboard is provides a striking and eye-catching background to anyone who is looking for...

  4. A faster way of typing on your phone

    SlideIT Keyboard Lite offers an innovative new way to type on your phone. The touchscreen keyboard is designed to make inputting text and typing SMS messages...

  5. Personalized and Decorated Device Keyboard

    ai.type Free Emoji Keyboard is a personalization application for keyboards in mobile devices. It transforms the standard keyboard settings into something...

  6. Free Virtual Keyboard for Mobile Phone Users

    Hi Keyboard provides users with the ability to quickly add stickers, icons and emojis to their everyday messages. This system also checks spelling and...

  7. Prepare your mobile for Fallout 4, with this official keyboard

    Fallout CHAT is the perfect keyboard for all fans of Fallout. Download it for free to send Vault-Tec themed emoticons and animated GIFs from your phone.

  8. A free keyboard from Cheetah Mobile

    CM Keyboard is an alternative keyboard for your Android device that offers a wide range of emoji and ASCII Art for you to add to your conversations.