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  1. Free application to add virtual stickers to a photo or a chat

    Fans of Super Mario Bros. will now be able to add virtual "stickers" to an image with only a few simple clicks while playing Super Mario Run. It is also...

  2. Free F1-Inspired Alternative to Mario Kart

    MiniDrivers is a free racing game, which combines Formula One-style cars and tracks with the kind of arcade gameplay associated with the likes of Mario Kart...

  3. KUBO 3

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    An 8-bit NES action game

    KUBO 3 is a free 8-bit action-adventure game that lets you play as a heroic cowboy turtle that explores an overworld filled with dungeons and treasures. The...

  4. Ninja game Super Mario style

    Imagine if Super Mario was a Ninja and liked to hang out in the tropics. That's roughly what you get with PikoNinja The Last Ninja. The story goes that the...

  5. A full version app for iPhone, by Mario Terek.

    Pocket Edition Guides For Mods Maps For Minecraft is a full version game for iPhone, that makes part of the category 'Games'.

  6. A full version program for iPhone, by Mario Zechner.

    Gloomhaven Helper is a full version game for iPhone, belonging to the category 'Games'.

  7. A full version app for Android, by Mario Gaida.

    Lootbox RPG is a full version software for Android, that belongs to the category 'Role Playing'.

  8. Platform Game for Mario Fans

    People who have grown up playing the Mario series of games should make sure that they check out Super Cat Tales. This brand new platform game has been...

  9. Free fan game of everyone's favorite spaghetti loving plumber

    The Super Mario games have had a lot of influence down through the years and as a result there is no shortage of parodies built by fans that stay faithful to...

  10. Back to classics

    There are now a ton of Super Mario games out there but nothing will ever beat its old-school version. Super Mario is a fun adventure game developed by...

  11. Great remake of the classic game

    Super Mario 3: Mario Forever is a remake of the classic Super Mario game.Super Mario 3: Mario Forever remains faithful to the original Mario format and...

  12. Poi

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    A 3D plat forming game for children to enjoy

    Poi is a kid’s game. It is full of bright colours, broadly drawn characters, and simple rounded objects. The graphics are pretty textureless and bland, but...

  13. Bomber Mario

    • 3.8
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    Super Mario Bomberman remake

    If you were a big fan of the classic Bomberman game and Super Mario, then you'll probably love Bomber Mario.Bomber Mario combines the best of both games to...

  14. A new adventure for Mario, this time with his brother Luigi

    This program can no longer be downloaded. You can look for alternatives in Classic games category.

  15. Mega Mario

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    Go back to the classic original Mario game

    Mega Mario is intended to be a remake of the original Super Mario Bros game, featuring improved graphics and smoother movements, but I must say it falls...

  16. Play Mario Bros with special guest characters

    Super Mario Crossover is a version of the original Mario Bros Nintendo game that allows you to play as characters from other classic NES titles.You can...

  17. A throwback to Super Mario Brothers

    Reminiscent of many early console games, Dino Rush is a game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.Much like Mario Jump for Android, Dino Rush brings back...