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  1. Free Facebook App for any Windows PC

    Facebook for Windows is a social media app that allows you to use a native PC app rather than logging in through a browser. You’ll also get desktop...

  2. An alternative app marketplace

    1Mobile Market is an app store for Android smartphones, and one of the most popular alternatives to the official marketplace. It enables users to browse...

  3. A huge online market place... currently only available in India

    Designed for shopping in the Indian market, Flipkart is a nice looking app that allows you to share and discuss possible purchases with friends. Bar a few...

  4. KoPlayer

    • 4
    • (1017 votes)

    An easy-to-use Android emulator!

    KoPlayer is a popular Android emulator, which lets you run a wide range of Android apps or games on your laptop or desktop. Apart from running Android...

  5. A free shopping list app for Android

    AliExpress is a free program that is part of the category Shopping List Apps and has been published by Hong Kong. It's available for users with...

  6. Second-hand but first rate

    letgo is the latest in a series of online marketplaces to open up. It offers anyone who registers the choice to buy, sell, or both. This makes it a perfect...

  7. Buy and download games online

    Games for Windows Marketplace Client is a handy, free Windows game, that belongs to the category PC games and has been created by Microsoft.

  8. OfferUp

    • 4.8
    • (4 votes)

    A great mobile marketplace app

    If you're looking for a great mobile marketplace app that beats local classifieds then download OfferUp - Buy for Android and check out all the bargains...

  9. Sort out those odd jobs for five bucks!

    Need advice on your CV, a custom made guitar pick, or a unique drawing of yourself? Fiverr is here to help you with all of your odd job necessities from the...


    • 2.9
    • (118 votes)

    Bring Android gaming to your PC with KoPlayer

    KoPlayer is an Android emulator; it allows you to run Android games or apps on your desktop PC. In addition to simply running Android software, it has a...

  11. Free smartphone-based taxi service for the Asian marketplace

    Grab is a free smartphone application which enables Asian users to reserve taxis, care and even bicycles. According to the founders, they offer the widest...

  12. Superb free and easy screen sharing tool

    If you’re a bit of a computer whiz, then you probably often get asked by friends and family to sort out their latest PC disaster. However, if you live far...

  13. A free Shopping app for Android

    zulily is a free app for Android that belongs to the category Shopping, and has been developed by zulily, inc.. It's recommended for families, singles, kids,...

  14. Marketplace

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    A free app for iPhone, by Moonsted IVS.

    Marketplace is a free software for iPhone, that makes part of the category 'Shopping'.

  15. G2A

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    G2A is a free app with all games on every platform in ONE place.

  16. A free app for Android, by Prosper Marketplace Inc..

    Prosper: Invest is a free app for Android, belonging to the category 'Finance'.

  17. IKEA Store

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    Shop and save with your mobile phones

    IKEA is a free mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones that allows users to connect to the IKEA store and browse their selection of products and shop...

  18. Claro shop

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    Free Claro Shop Online Marketplace

    Claro Shop is the Mexican equivalent of Amazon; an online store where vendors and their customers come together. The store lists a wide range of items from...

  19. Second-hand but first rate

    letgo is the latest in a series of online marketplaces to open up. It offers anyone who registers the choice to buy, sell, or both. This makes it a perfect...

  20. A free program for iPhone, by Stynt Inc.

    Stynt Dental Jobs Marketplace is a free app for iPhone, belonging to the category 'Business & Productivity'.