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  1. Convert between more than 2,100 measurement units

    Unit Converter Expert enables you to quickly perform conversions between literally hundreds of measurement units. There are many things I like about this...

  2. A scientific calculator, unit and currency converter all in one.

    HEXelon MAX is a complete scientific calculator that includes currency and unit conversion tools. The scientific calculator interface features everything you...

  3. UConvert

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    • (13 votes)

    A simple unit converter with support for dozens of measurements

    Every time you need to convert between different measurement units you go through the same process: how many meters are there in a yard? Can I do that myself...

  4. Handy unit converter for 80 different categories

    Although we live in an increasingly globalized world, we still use different measurement units for different elements: hence the need of an application such...

  5. Convert hundreds of units of measurements

    Quad-Lock Unit Converter is a powerful, free Windows program, that belongs to the category Science & education software with subcategory Unit Converters.

  6. Convert between more than 3,000 measurement units

    How many yards are there in a kilometer? How do you say five hundred in Roman numbers? Is it cold at 40º Fahrenheit? You can now easily answer all these...

  7. Convert anything to anything else with Unit Converter

    Unit Converter is a free mobile app that lets you convert from one unit of measurement to another. For instance, if you need to convert between imperial and...

  8. Convert measurement units and Currency rates