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  1. MP3 Music Player - Your music, your way for free!

    MP3 Music Player allows you to easily playback your favorite music files. The application is available for all Android enabled devices or emulators. The...

  2. A Card Game From France, Brought To You At Home.

    Belote is the name of a real-world French card game, and Belote ! is a game that has you play as a gambler with $5,000 to your name, making bets and staking...

  3. A Versatile Music App Ideal for Various Musicians

    Metronome X is a metronome application known for its versatility and accuracy. It comprises several unique and useful settings, making it ideal for different...

  4. Pocket Image and Video Editor

    Photo Video Editor is a multimedia application made by Video Note LLC. The application offers easy to use video editing services on mobile devices. Users can...

  5. Understand tonal harmony better with Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro

    Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro is a valuable app for music lovers who wish to improve their understanding of tonal harmony. The application features both basic...

  6. Soundfall

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    Enter a World of Adventure and Music in Soundfall

    Soundfall is a dungeon crawler RPG with a twist: its gameplay is based around music. Take control of heroine Melody as she is sent to the fantasy world of...

  7. Mix Some Music With Peacemaker

    Peacemaker is a free app that will suit anybody who wants to mix up some music for themselves. It is integrated with both Spotify and iTunes, making it quick...

  8. Framed

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    Get in the frame

    Framed reminds me of logic puzzles I used to do when I was young where I had to put pieces of a storyboard in order so that they made sense. A simple one of...

  9. DVD Making Software

    Create DVDs of your favourite video files using Final DVD Creator Pro. Create menus, drop your video files into place, and simply press "Burn".

  10. Free App for Music Makers

    Blokdust is a special app that makes it possible for users to make music right in the palms of their hands. The app comes complete with a tutorial that...

  11. Silicio - free all-in-one music player

    Silicio is a free, highly user-rated app which gives you easy and intuitive access to your music, making it easier for you to control what you are listening to.

  12. A free app for iPhone, by Nexogen Private Limited.

    Video Maker Photos With Song is a free program for iPhone, belonging to the category 'Multimedia'.

  13. OK

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    Stay up-to-date and share with friends and family

    OK is a free mobile app designed to be a one-stop shop for all things entertainment and social media. With OK, you can stay in touch with friends and family...

  14. LyraVR

    LyraVR is a music making game which transforms the console staple into an astounding VR experience. This dynamic title puts the player in an audio-visual...

  15. Useful App for Organisation Seekers

    Music Library Magic is a special app that scans all the files between the iTunes music library and on the drive of users to alert users if they have...

  16. A paid Music app for iOS

    Music Studio is a paid app for iOS that belongs to the category Music, and has been developed by Alexander Gross. It's recommended for beginners, music...

  17. Making Mobile Ringtones

    Ringtone Maker And Mp3 Cutter is a free music and radio application created by XPMedia. The multimedia application can make ringtones out of mp3 files as...

  18. MuX

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    A VR Game That Lets You Create Your Own Sound Machines

    MuX is a VR game that lets you make your own soundscapes and musical instruments from ground zero. It lets you engineer the audio, compose tunes and perform...

  19. Song Studio

    • 3.4
    • (214 votes)

    A free song making and song editing tool

    Song Studio works on the simple premise of layering tracks of music in order to compose a song. The user may record his or her voice and load it into the...

  20. Looper

    • 3.8
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    Build songs easily with this loop sampling app

    Looper is a simple app for making music from short loops you record into your Android phone.