Ninja Run

Ninja Run 2.5

Run, jump and slide your way to Ninja success

In the game Ninja Run, you need to run and dodge the many objects that are in your way. The game automatically has your character running from left to right, and it is your job to slide or jump to avoid running into obstacles. The controls are simple, there is a slide button on the left of the screen, and a jump button on the right. Ninja Run will allow you to compete against your friends and other people around the world by trying to get the highest score. Once you level up, you are given power to make your ninja be faster. The graphics are two-dimensional, plain and poorly drawn. It looks very simple and basic, and there is very little room for growth or change, which is why this game is only suitable for casual gamers.


  • It can become addictive if you try to repeatedly beat your high scores
  • The game is exciting if you enjoy two-dimensional side-scrolling games


  • There are to many ads within the game
  • It sometimes freezes and lags a little during gameplay

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