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  1. Steam TV

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    Online Streaming Television and Video Game Portal

    Steam TV is a live digital television streaming portal developed by Valve. While apparently similar to other websites such as Twitch, Steam is mainly...

  2. Text Free

    • 3.5
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    Free platform to send text messages online

    Text Free is a new software package which allows users to send and receive text messages while online. Those who do not wish to download more complicated...

  3. Campfire

    • 4.3
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    Chat and share in online meetings

    Campfire is a team collaboration web app that integrates real time, chat so you don't have to mess with messenger programs and can do everything in your...

  4. Horizon 7

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    Virtual Desktops Are A Thing Of The Present

    How do you fancy a throwaway desktop or application? The Horizon 7 software that was produced by VMware gives you just that. You may provide end users access...

  5. Live online weather portal

    Intellicast Weather is arguably one of the most well-known live weather portals in existence today. As it provides up-to-date information, this website is...

  6. inspirock

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    Plan your holiday online with Inspirock

    Inspirock is an online travel planning application that automatically generates itineraries based on the regions and dates you choose. Inspirock takes your...

  7. Caption

    • 4.3
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    Free Software to Find the Correct Video Captions

    Caption for Mac is an application which will help the user to find the most appropriate subtitles for a specific video. It is compatible with major online...

  8. MuteMyMic

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    Free and Intuitive Application to Mute the Output of a Microphone

    MuteMyMic provides users with a quick and intuitive method to mute the volume of their built-in microphone. Keyboard shortcuts as well as direct access from...

  9. Free Application to Access FM and Internet Radio Stations

    Those who are looking for an alternative to third-party online radio applications such as Instaradio and could find this software bundle useful....

  10. FigLeaf
    • 4.8
    • (3 votes)

    Dedicated online privacy application for personal and professional use

    FigLeaf is a novel privacy application which provides users with a centralized platform in order to hide their personal data from prying eyes. While other...

  11. The essential application for League of Legends fans

    League of Legends (aka LoL and League) is one of the best online multiplayer games out there. If you are a regular player of this MOBA, League Friends is the...

  12. Application For Blocking Adult Web Content

    Porn Shield - Block Adult Web is an online security tool, developed by SVG Apps, which can be used to block access to adult content when browsing the web...

  13. Free application to create visual presentations with AutoCAD software

    Flip AutoCAD is a unique software package which enables users to create flash presentations and other types of files with the use of proprietary AutoCAD...

  14. PC Optimum

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    Useful Online Shopping Application for Mobile Phones

    We are all interested in saving money when shopping for goods and services online. Although there are always offers and discounts available they can often...

  15. Weather Application for Pilots and Frequent Flyers

    Planning ahead for an upcoming flight should always include checking the weather forecasts. Similar to online programs such as Flightaware, this bundle...

  16. Go beyond the tabletop with Fantasy Grounds - Ultimate Upgrade

    Fantasy Grounds - Ultimate Upgrade is an expansion for the Fantasy Grounds application that allows you to host additional players and even GMs. The basic...

  17. Expand your vocabulary with the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary App

    The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary application is an excellent tool for both students and professionals who often use a dictionary. The application allows...

  18. pCloud

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    Easy-to-use online cloud storage application

    pCloud is a user-friendly software application which supplies users with an efficient means to store their personal data. One interesting feature is that up...

  19. PC-based application to record online browser usage

    Wildfire is an application designed to record any actions that a user takes within a specific browser. These events can then be played back at a later time...

  20. Cool my music

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    Free and Personalized Online Streaming Music Application

    Cool My Music offers a simple and yet elegant interface which allows users to listen to their favorite bands and artists within seconds. It is equipped with...