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  1. Free Application to Watch High-Definition Movies Online

    HD Online Movies is an excellent tool for those who hope to watch high-definition films on their personal computer. Qualities of up to 720 pixels are...

  2. Campfire

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    Chat and share in online meetings

    Campfire is a team collaboration web app that integrates real time, chat so you don't have to mess with messenger programs and can do everything in your...

  3. Smartphone application to trade cryptocurrencies

    Bitcoin Checker is a dedicated smartphone application that provides users with up-to-date information in regards to the prices of the Bitcoin. This software...

  4. PC Optimum

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    Useful Online Shopping Application for Mobile Phones

    We are all interested in saving money when shopping for goods and services online. Although there are always offers and discounts available they can often...

  5. Caption

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    Free Software to Find the Correct Video Captions

    Caption for Mac is an application which will help the user to find the most appropriate subtitles for a specific video. It is compatible with major online...

  6. Automatic encryption software to securely view websites

    HTTPS Everywhere is a software bundle which allows users to browse the Internet safely and securely. Essentially, it changes a website address from the...