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  1. Spewer

    • 4.1
    • (53 votes)

    Stomach churning platform puzzles!

    Spewer is a bizarre little platform game, where as Spewer, you have to escape an evil scientist's 50 room trap. To start with, it plays like a normal...

  2. A simple platform game ideal for young kids

    Gray and Green is a cute little platform puzzle game, where you control a little blue guy called Mubly. A dark wizard called Murlan had taken color away from...

  3. Beacon

    • 2.5
    • (2 votes)

    A platform game about fear and reliance

    Beacon is a platform game made in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare competition. It begins with you waking up after falling into a dark cave, as a floating beacon...

  4. Polarity

    • 4.3
    • (27 votes)

    A very magnetic platform puzzle game

    If you think that a platform game can no longer surprise you these days, wait until you play Polarity.This original 2D platform game has been designed and...

  5. Free platform gothic horror game

    So, you have crushed the Castlevania Anniversary Collection and finished the great spiritual sequel to the Castlevania series in Bloodstained: Ritual of the...

  6. Onirism

    • 2.2
    • (3 votes)

    A whimsical 3D platformer

    Onirism is a third-person adventure game from independent developer Crimson Tales. Play as Carol, a young girl traversing dream worlds in an attempt to...

  7. Fun and free platform stealth game

    Stealth Bastard is a free Windows game, being part of the category PC games with subcategory Platform and has been published by Curve Studios.

  8. A surprisingly original platform game

    Zzzz-Zzzz-Zzzz is an independent platform game that's surprisingly original. It features a character who has trouble waking from his dreams. Zzzz-Zzzz-Zzzz...

  9. Amusing platform game for Android

    Replica Island is an awesome game in which you lead the Android robot on a fun adventure through 40 challenging levels.Your mission in Replica Island is to...

  10. SDLjump

    • 4.2
    • (11 votes)

    Addictive platform game in the style of the classic Xjump

  11. Platform Adventure Game for Android

    Bob World Adventure 3D is a platform adventure game for Android!It is full of interesting missions. And, in order to complete them, you need to jump, slide...

  12. Atmospheric platform game with a twist

    Many older gamers will go on about how great 8-bit games were and how kids these days don't know what they're missing, but to be honest, most of those old...

  13. Retro Game of Thrones-inspired platform game

    Game of Thrones: The 8 bit game was developed by an independent developer in the style of the Game of Thrones series. The characters and graphics recall game...

  14. Knytt

    • 4.3
    • (13 votes)
  15. suteF

    • 3.8
    • (3 votes)

    A challenging and atmospheric platform game

    Free game suteF is a puzzle platformer that sees a creature called Aramas separated from his world. Stuck in 'The Void' you must guide Aramas back to...

  16. Jump from platform to platform in this exciting geometry puzzle game

    Geometry Jump is a fun puzzle game that is sure to keep you busy for a long time. You start out with a set of platforms and a colored line. You have to...

  17. Coop survival mod for Warband

    Full Invasion 2 Mod is a free-to-play mod for the action game Mount & Blade: Warband. This survival add-on is a cooperative game experience where players...

  18. Socially-conscious football for the Windows platform

    Soccer Stars 2019 by Pocket Craft King Games LLC is the first and only real-time football game on Windows. Players can now create their own team of soccer...

  19. Temporal

    • 4.1
    • (14 votes)

    Cute platform adventure with logic puzzles

    The key to mastering platform games is usually more a question of ability rather than thinking. However in the case of Temporal it's exactly the...

  20. Immersive Multiplayer RPG for Mobile Phones

    FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS FORCE allows users to become fully involved within a highly detailed and action-packed mystical realm. Mirroring the other games...