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  1. Minimal but beautifully balanced platform shoot 'em up

    2D gaming seems to be coming back into fashion, and developer Sparky's Star Guard is a neat minimal reminder about what makes it great. Available for Mac and...

  2. Hyper Cell

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    Platform game will drive you out of your mind

    Hyper Cell is a headache-inducing platform game where you must escape from jail cells you've been locked in by running and jumping over different...

  3. Unusual platform noir

    In Another Brothel is an unusual platform game, with a film noir feel and story. Your jaded protagonist has to search for his girl, by exploring his black...

  4. Platform game set in the future

    This game is never going to win any awards for graphics but in terms of gameplay, it's actually very addictive. It reminds me of Citadel which was a classic...

  5. An action adventure platform game that gives nods to the classics

    Starlit Adventures is an action adventure platformer by Rockhead Games for your Android OS smartphone or tablet. The game follows the tale of two fantastic...

  6. High Risers

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    Hop your way to the top in High Risers

    High Risers is a free mobile platform arcade game in which you control a character trying to jump to the top of a tall building without falling off the...

  7. Sago Mini Platform Games - The Most Amazing Adventure Ever!

    Are you ready for the most magical adventure ever? The Sago Mini dinosaurs are ready to take on the open world and explore!This fun platform game has tons of...

  8. Glum Buster

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    Eerie indie platform game

    If you're looking for an ethereal gaming experience, give Glum Buster a go. It's a very odd platform game that comes with very little explanation, forcing...

  9. Way

    • 3.6
    • (25 votes)

    Excellent cooperative online platform game

    Way is a fascinating two player platform game that relies on cooperation.While this is an alpha version, Way is complete enough to be really enjoyable. You...

  10. Minimal platform survival game

    madnessMadnessmadness is an endless, circular platform where your sole aim is to survive as long as possible, escaping the wall of death. This was created...

  11. A free app for Android, by DWA STUDIO.

    Dragon World Adventures is a free program for Android, that belongs to the category 'Adventure'.

  12. Run Run Panda is an exciting platform game where you have to guide the panda to reach its destination.

    Run Run Panda is a free program also available for iPhone that belongs to the category Mobile Games with subcategory Platform Games and has been created by...

  13. A free app for Android, by Bamgru.

    Platform Games: Jungle Adventures World is a free app for Android, that belongs to the category 'Adventure'.

  14. Find Jcat

    Bubble Jcat is an adventure game wherein the main plot will rotate around you and your cat called Jcat. For five long days, Jcat has been missing without...

  15. A free app for Android, by GameiPixel.

    Jungle Adventures - Platform Game is a free app for Android, that makes part of the category 'Adventure'.

  16. A free program for Android, by Yugel Mobile - Skril Studio.

    Platform Bear is a free program for Android, belonging to the category 'Adventure'.

  17. Bighead

    • 3.9
    • (5 votes)

    Simple platform adventure with Bighead

  18. A simple platform shoot 'em up with a message

    "Listen up maggot. Your country is a war. You will be entering enemy territory soon." So begin the instructions to We Want YOU, a randomly generated platform...

  19. A free app for Android, by Coda Platform.

    Brick Builder is a free program for Android, that belongs to the category 'Adventure'.

  20. The Diary Platform - A Form of Social Media

    As an online diary and social platform, it lets you share the stories of your life with other people through its unique form.Hataro is a high school student...