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  1. Custom Reader

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    Free fully customizable RSS Windows application

  2. BottomFeeder

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    News aggregator client for RSS/Atom

  3. AlertBear

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    RSS reader that doesn't think you should read feeds like email

  4. Quickly submit RSS feeds to search engines

    The best way to increase the popularity of your site or blog is to have regularly updated RSS feeds and to be visible where it matters, i.e. blog directories...

  5. FeedInvader

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    Add an RSS reader to Firefox

    FeedInvader is an experimental add-on for Firefox that integrates an RSS feed into your browser. FeedInvader adds two things to Firefox. The first is a...

  6. Find, view and share RSS delivered content

  7. Read your RSS feeds like a newspaper

  8. Gush

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    Instant messenger with RSS newsreader

    Gush is an amazing, free Windows program, that belongs to the category Streaming media with subcategory RSS.

  9. Free and easy RSS and NNTP news reader

    FireFox 2.0 support Mixed feeds problem is solved Feeds tree filtering Export of resources' list Automatic database backup Text indexing in idle mode

  10. Apprise

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    AIR's RSS reader takes its first faltering steps

    Adobe's Integrated Runtime (AIR) was introduced in early 2008 as a new way for users to access data from the web on their desktops. Apprise is a sample...

  11. diffbot

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    Keep track of pages without RSS feeds

    RSS has made life easier in so many ways - with it you can keep track of the latest website updates without actually visiting the site. However, some sites...

  12. IM client with RSS and multiple account support

    Mercury Messenger, also known as MM or dMSN, is a free alternative to MSN Messenger offering almost all the same features.The IM client allows you to connect...

  13. Free RSS reader for web content

    FeedReader is a great alternative to Google Reader. View all your feeds with one login as the desktop application reads and organises web content from all...