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  1. Hide, lock, set read-only and no-execution protection to your files and folders

  2. Lock USB

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    Add an Additional Layer of Security to Your USB Drives

    Lock USB is a tool that password-protects your USB stick so that no unauthorized individual can access information stored on it. Security is a major issue...

  3. Lock your PC with a USB memory key

    If you don't trust passwords to protect your computer, you should take a look at Rohos Logon Key. With Rohos Logon Key you can block access to your computer...

  4. Protect your lost or stolen computer

    Intel Anti-Theft Service is an all-in-one solution to protect your laptop or desktop from being stolen with encryption and locking capabilities.Losing a...

  5. All-in-one folder lock software to lock folder, password protect folder, hide folder, encrypt folder on Windows systems.

  6. A Highly Convenient Way to Securely Lock Your PDFs

    Coming up with an effective password that we can remember, while at the same time making it secure enough that others won't guess it, can be a real pain. PDF...

  7. Hide, Lock, Unlock your files and folders with a simple click. Protect your private files no matter what

  8. Hide private data in your computer

    If you share your computer with other people and don't want them to run certain programs or access specific folders, Gili File Lock is the program you...

  9. Free Application to Protect Personal or Private PDF Files

    There are many times when PDF documents could contain sensitive or personal information. This program acts as an extra level of security to deter prying eyes.

  10. Password protect folders on your PC

    Folder Password Lock is a free application that can password protect folders and files on your PC.