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  1. Nevermind the biofeedbacks

    With the promise of reactive horror, Nevermind’s description fills your mind with exciting possibilities. It’s just sad that - if you are lacking the...

  2. Hope

    • 4.4
    • (5 votes)

    A short, melancholic point-and-click adventure

    Hope is a short indie point-and-click adventure game. It tells the story of a boy who wakes up unsure of who he is, and a girl he sees. This futuristic...

  3. A hidden-object game with an attached mystery story

    House Escape starts out with a short story, and then leads you through a spooky house via a click-to-find hidden-object game. The aim is to complete each...

  4. Shambles

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    A free game like Doom, but with Zombies

    Developed by Notch (creator of Minecraft), Shambles is a first person shooting game where the old-style graphics are strongly reminiscent of the first games...

  5. Game Collection for Puzzle Fans

    Hidden Objects - The Castle - Romantic Love is a special game pack that features four engaging hidden object puzzle games in one convenient collection. From...

  6. Craps

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    A Craps casino game simulator

    Craps places you in front of a Craps table. The aim is to firstly win money, and secondly to practice different playing strategies.

  7. Impossible Twisty Dots - Free dot shooting puzzle game

    Impossible Twisty Dots is a free puzzle game where the aim is to shoot your dots into the core while avoiding obstacles. There are over 1,000 levels, so...

  8. Color Jam

    • 4.5
    • (1 vote)

    Use colors to win the game

    Sometimes when you want to take a break from work the best thing you can do is play a quick game on your PC to relax a bit. Color Jam is the perfect kind of...

  9. A Short-Lived But Quite Engaging VR Espionage Game

    Unseen Diplomacy is a VR game wherein you would be casted as The British Espionage Tactical Initiative’s elite member. The group basically is out on a...

  10. Explore an eerie abbey in The Abbot's Book Demo

    The Abbot's Book Demo is a short demo of The Abbot's Book, a longer immersive virtual reality gothic experience. This demo features a short excerpt from one...

  11. Inspirational VR-Based Animated Short Story

    There certain virtual reality games which provide inspiration and Google Spotlight Stories: Pearl is one shining example. This bundle has been nominated for...

  12. LIFO

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    A free first-person horror game for Windows

    LIFO is an odd first-person horror game where you have to make your way through an unknown location to find your girlfriend and make a choice as to if she...

  13. Free Experience for Story Lovers

    The Rose and I is a short animated film that has been created especially for the virtual reality community. The film takes viewers on a journey that is sure...

  14. A Classic, Puzzle-Based 2D Platform Game

    Storm in a Teacup is a platform game, developed by Cobra Mobile, which places players in control of Storm, who travels through the dream-like game world in a...

  15. A short VR puzzle game on a tower

    Symphony of the Machine is a VR game where you complete puzzles in a large tower in order to affect the weather. The graphics are okay for the year it was...

  16. Child-friendly VR game collection

    The Oasis Games Shooter VR Bundle is a collection of short mini-games by the developer of the same name. Shoot and explore a colourful world using a PS4...

  17. Classic Visual Memory Game for Numerous Devices

    Memory games can be a great deal of fun and they know no age limits. If you are looking to improve your visual acuity as well as your short-term memory...

  18. Binary Boy

    • 4.3
    • (3 votes)

    Side scrolling game of flipping

    Binary Boy is a pixelated side scrolling game, based around flipping. Binary boy can only move left or right, and flip up or down to avoid obstacles or...

  19. The aliens are coming! Could somebody cut me out of this concrete block?

    Gunning down insectoid aliens across a ravaged city scape has its appeal, but Call of Dead managed to drain all of my enthusiasm in just a few short...

  20. Let it Goat!

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    It's time to let Flappy Bird goat

    Let it Goat! is an addictive side-scrolling endless runner that is the spiritual successor to Flappy Bird. Instead of flapping through pipes, you control...