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  1. Play lots of different versions of your favorite card game

    Full Deck Solitaire is an app that combines all of your favorite versions of the classic solitaire card game into one place for Mac users.Particularly for...

  2. 12 different card games for Solitaire fans

    Solitaire Greatest Hits might sound like some kind of tribute album to the great card game but it's actually a collection of 12 Solitaire games for Mac.The...

  3. Classic spider solitaire in a new skin

    Spider Solitaire Box is a free computer application and game that brings you an updated version of the classic Spider Solitaire. Featuring classic rules with...

  4. Over 250 card games on your Mac

    250+ Solitaires is a huge collection of solitaire card games. You can browse the list of 253 titles alphabetically or by category: you'll find classics like...

  5. McSolitaire

    • 3.7
    • (20 votes)

    Classic klondike solitaire game

    McSolitaire is a slick klondike solitaire game designed specifically for OS X.Snappy graphics and lots of game choice add-up to an excellent solitaire game....

  6. The free seven-solitaire gaming app

    Dogmelon Solitaire is a free app that includes seven different solo card games within a single app. This program is designed to offer distraction when you're...

  7. Free Card Game and Alternative to Microsoft Spider Solitaire

    Spider - Classic Solitaire Card Game, developed by Holger Sindbaek, is a free card game, which is based on the classic Microsoft Spider Solitaire game for...

  8. Take A Set Of Cards And Hope For A Winning Match.

    Solitaire Perfect Match is a digital rendition of the classic Solitaire card game, featuring a heavily touch-based interface and multiple possible decks. It...

  9. Sorceress Free

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    Free Solitaire Game With a Twist

    Sorceress Free is the free version of the Sorceress Solitaire game developed by Dogmelon. It is a modern take on the solitaire format, adding power-ups in...

  10. Solitaire!

    • 5
    • (1 vote)

    A free game for mac

    Solitaire! is a free Mac program, being part of the category Games.

  11. Free and Feature-Rich Virtual Solitaire Game

    Fans and followers of traditional games such as Microsoft Solitaire will enjoy this useful and straightforward alternative. All common variants are offered...

  12. A free game for mac

    Free Solitaire 3D is a free program only available for Mac, that is part of the category Games.

  13. A free Solitaire computer game

    Klondike Forever is a Solitaire game, and even though its graphics and animations are basic, they are still far better than most other free Solitaire games.

  14. Solitaire Free

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    A free game for mac

    Solitaire Free is a free multiplatform program (also available for Android), belonging to the category Games.

  15. Play Pyramid Solitaire And Practice, Improve Or Just Have Fun.

    Pyramid Solitaire is a digital rendition of a Solitaire tabletop, with a wooden table and faded cards that look excellent (though the colors occasionally...

  16. Play Solitaire In All Its Forms Wherever You Go.

    Card Shark Solitaire is a version of Solitaire where you have the option of playing variations on the game: Freecell, Klondike ad Spider Solitaire are all...

  17. A free Solitaire game with a Celtic Twist

    Avalon Legends Solitaire is the classic game of solitaire with an attached storyline based on Celtic mythology. The aim is to restore the Deck of Nature, and...

  18. A Game of Solitaire in a Truly New Avatar

    Mahjong Magic Islands is a game featuring mahjong solitaire presented in a unique visual format. Amassing elements for magic spells layers the gameplay with...

  19. A Well-Packaged Game of Digital Solitaire

    iPyramid is a fun game of solitaire. It’s not just a great way to spend spare time in a relaxed and fun way, but the game also helps improve your...