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  1. The closest thing to Tetris on Mac

    There is no official Tetris game for Mac but Tetris Zone is about as close as it gets.Tetris Zone is a very accurate Tetris clone that offers four modes of...

  2. Quaterneo

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    Fast-paced Tetris-inspired puzzler

    Quaterneo is a free puzzle game by the indie developer, rologfos. It utilizes gameplay mechanics from the classic Tetris game while infusing elements from...

  3. Downfall

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    Get rid of the blocks in this 3D tetris clone

    Before you get confused - Downfall has nothing to do with that film about Hitler which documents his final days.Downfall is actually a lot lighter than that...

  4. Tetris style block fitting game

    There are many games inspired by Tetris and they vary in quality from plain awful and unoriginal to sometimes, even better than the original. Chock-A-Block...

  5. A dodge and avoid 2D retro game

    The Incident is an 8-bit pixilated game that has a similar feel and retro graphics to the Amiga game “The Simpsons.” The aim is to avoid the things that...

  6. Roll the balls to connect the lines

    If you like games such as Tetris, then although CornerChaos hardly measures up to that standard, it certainly encompasses some of its addictive elements....

  7. Bloxter

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    Arrange the colored blocks in this Tetris clone

    Bloxter is a handy, trial version Mac game, belonging to the category PC games with subcategory Puzzle.

  8. Tetris meets dungeon crawler

    Blocky Dungeon is a demo game that combines the puzzle genre with a dungeon crawler. It lets you explore a dungeon that you create, Tetris-style. You will...

  9. Blocks

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    Create web pages like you build Lego

    Blocks is a helpful, free software also available for Palm OS, being part of the category Development with subcategory Internet (more specifically Wysiwyg...

  10. Simple remake of the classic Tetris puzzler

    If you liked Tetris then you'll probably enjoy LinkLines which is a classic remake of the Tetris arcade puzzle game.The aim of LinkLines is simple - link...