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  1. TimeToPhoto

    • 3.6
    • (54 votes)

    Add Time Stamps to your Digital Photos

    Regrettably newer cameras don't add a printed time stamp to the pictures you take the same is true of most smart phones. Try the TimeToPhoto free trial today...

  2. Rename hundreds of files with one click

    With BatchRename you have the power to create mass renaming rules and process multiple files quickly and easily.The menu item "BatchRename files..." is added...

  3. The easiest way to rename files in batches

    Advanced Renamer is a useful tool that helps you easily rename files on your computer in short order and even on the go.As soon as your MP3 or photo...

  4. Safely modify the file date and time of any file on your computer

    Added new Accelerators for quick command access Fixed the crashing on certain systems and added more error control to detect bad drives Corrected the...

  5. Effective and Professional Enterprise Replication Software for Business Use

    GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise has been designed around the concept that enterprise-level firms require automated applications alongside superior levels of...

  6. Record Your Mac's Camera

    A simple app for recording the feed from your Mac's camera, or a number of other third party camera devices.