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  1. Download Adobe's Flash killer for free

    Adobe Edge Preview is a new web motion and interaction design tool that allows designers to bring animated content to websites, using web standards like...

  2. Pencil

    • 2.8
    • (152 votes)

    Create animated digital comics

    I've always been fascinated with animation and these days there are loads of professional software tools around that allow you to become a cartoonist...

  3. Create your own stop motion movies

    Dragonframe is a professional tool that lets users create stop motion movies and animation.There are quite a few programs let users create and edit...

  4. A free video editing and property editing tool

    MovieMator Free Mac Video Editor is a free video editor that has the most basic editing functions. However, it you have downloaded videos and they do not...

  5. Shoebox

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    Saving your photos has never been easier

    Shoebox is an exceptional photo-saving app that organizes and saves all your photos to the cloud. It integrates its web, desktop, and mobile apps together...

  6. An all round multimedia dictaphone style solution

    There's been a long time need on the Mac to have a simple application that can record anything you throw at it - text, video, audio, images - a multimedia...

  7. MediaEdit 3

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    A Robust Video Editing Tool with a Myriad of Features

    MediaEdit 3 is a movie editing program that makes editing videos easy and efficient, thanks to the unlimited layers and multiple drawing tools built in. The...

  8. Create your own stunning timeline of events

    Timelines are an eye-catching way of illustrating the passage of time or a period of history. Timeline 3D is an excellent application that makes it easy to...

  9. Granthika

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    Keep track of your story details with this writing app

    Granthika is a handy creative writing application that allows you to organize all the details in your story. Developed by novelist Vikram Chandra, Granthika...

  10. MoviePrint

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    Generate screenshots of movies for free

    There are many ways to deal with video files for analysis or editing. When you want to generate a clip preview from a movie through thumbnails or framed...

  11. Create all sorts of timelines

    Bee Docs' Timeline is a handy, trial version program only available for Mac, that belongs to the category Productivity software with subcategory Catalogers.

  12. Renoise

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    Powerful community driven audio workstation

    Renoise is a highly-professional music composition tool, which is refreshingly free of professional price tags and jargon.Renoise is a modestly-priced and...

  13. Kite Compositor - a powerful animation tool for Mac

    Kite Compositor is an exciting new animation and prototyping tool for Mac OS and iOS. Users are able to create complex interfaces by building up...