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  1. A free app for Windows, by Dr. Bernd Haendel

    Adios - Shutdown Timer is a free software for Windows, belonging to the category 'Clocks & Alarms'

  2. Schedule your PC to turn off by itself

    Sinvise Shutdown Timer allows you to choose when to switch off your PC, restart it, or send it to sleep.If you want to go to sleep watching a movie on your...

  3. Desktop timer program with unlimited timers: for up, down and alarm clock mode

  4. Schedule automated tasks with this complete timer

    There are times when you need to schedule a given task on your PC: lock your user session, run a certain program, even shut down the system. And all of these...

  5. Drift off to sleep listening to music or audiobooks

  6. MP3 Timer

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    An MP3-based countdown timer for PC devices

    MP3 Timer is a free utility tool for PCs developed by Wave Digital Studios. It is a portable timer and countdown program that...

  7. Time your schedule and increase productivity

    Timer is an app designed to work with the Google Chrome browser that features a timer, stopwatch and alarm clock all in one. For power users who like to stay...

  8. A simple timer for various actions

    Moo0 SimpleTimer is, as its name clearly states, a simple timer tool that lets you automate certain tasks easily.The simplicity of Moo0 SimpleTimer is also...

  9. Tune in to and record thousands of internet radio stations

    Tapin Radio is a simple internet radio streaming and recording tool with thousands of free online radio stations you can tune in to.The presets in Tapin...

  10. Time-tracking tool for employees

    Alternate Timer is a free productivity tool created by Alternate Tool for use on PCs. It helps businesses keep track of their employee time schedules. With...

  11. A Windows Taskbar App to Administrate Activities and Be More Productive

    Project Timer is a simple, light, non-intrusive and snappy Windows taskbar app that helps you with invoicing, billing hours and administrating, thereby...