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  1. IG story downloader web tool is a free social networking web app created by a developer of the same name. This online application lets users download and save stories and...

  2. Slideator Web Recorder - The Best Tool For Creating Slides

    This tool allows the users to create slides with PowerPoint themes, and use them as a Video presentation on the Slideator Web Recorder extension for free....

  3. Web conferencing tool for e-learning

    BigBlueButton is an open-source web conferencing system tool developed by a community of software developers. This education and reference program is...

  4. Hacker Vision - An Accessibility and Customization Tool for Web Browsers

    Hacker Vision is an accessibility and customization tool for web browsers that makes it easier for people with various vision problems to browse the...

  5. JavaScript-producing design tool for creating menus for web pages

  6. Fast and effective JavaScript development tool

  7. A full version web apps

    Keyword Tool & Content Assistant is a full version web application , that belongs to the Utilities & Tools category.

  8. Rapid production tool for still image and audio web presentations

  9. A project management tool for very small teams

    Workboard is a tool you may download and use to control a project. You enter your specifications into the tool and create a project. Members of your staff...

    • A website performance metrics tool

      GTmetrix is a free web development utility that was developed and is being offered by GTmetrix. It serves as a tool to help users test out the speed and...

    • Rapid production tool for still image and audio web presentations

    • Project-oriented tool for developing and supporting Web sites

    • Easy to use network admin tool, in your browser

    • The Netcraft Extension - A Free Tool to Help You Browse the Web

      The Netcraft Extension is a free tool to help you browse the web safely, and to protect you from the potential harms of web browsing.You can use it to easily...

    • Spyware and web surfing protection tool for Macs

    • The perfect tool to help you shop

      What’s a shopping trip without a good list? Choas, where its hard to tell between what you want, and what you actually need. It’s always a good idea to make...

    • A network logging tool that doesn’t lie

      Network Logger Pro is a tool that records Internet connection outages, makes long-term graphs representing the traffic speed of your network, monitors IP...

    • A free app for iPhone, by MaximumSoft Corp..

      ISaveWeb Lite - Web Pages Saving Tool is a free app for iPhone, that belongs to the category 'Business & Productivity'.

    • Surf the Web more quickly with this unique search tool