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  1. V

    • 4.8
    • (3 votes)

    V - Free to play brain challenge game

    V is a free to play game that challenges you to complete a simple yet challenging task involving answering a yes or no question correctly. It sounds...

  2. Hijri Calendar Widget is on of the useful and productive tool in the form of a homescreen widget for users, one of the best

    Hijri Calendar Widget is a free (ads) app only available for Android, belonging to the category Productivity Apps with subcategory Calendars & Planners and...

  3. A free Personalization app for Android

    Digital Clock Widget Xperia is a free app for Android that belongs to the category Personalization, and has been developed by Lazar Dimitrov.

  4. A free business & productivity app for Android, by SYM coding

    Sticky Notes + Widget memo is a free Android program, being part of the category 'Business & Productivity' , and developed by SYM coding.

  5. Watch the constellations on your Dashboard

    Starry Night Widget is a handy, free software only available for Mac, belonging to the category Utilities with subcategory Dashboard Widgets.

  6. A widget clock for Mac

    Simple Floating Clock is a handy clock app for Mac that's perfect for users who miss the ability to add a customizable, analog clock to their desktop.What's...

  7. Facebook Watch

    • 3.9
    • (11 votes)

    Display user data from Facebook with this handy widget

    Facebook Watch is a handy, free Mac program, that belongs to the category Utilities with subcategory Dashboard Widgets.

  8. A different way to tell the time

    If you're looking for a clock with that little something extra, then take a look at the rather original PolarClock Widget. PolarClock widget displays months,...

  9. Dashtrology

    • 0
    • (No votes yet)

    The Astrology widget for Mac

    If you're into astrology, this widget should be your perfect Dashboard companion. Taking its information from the renowned astrology. com website, it allows...

  10. Sudoku Widget

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    • (No votes yet)

    Popular Sudoku widget for your dashboard

    Sudoku is a puzzle phenomenon that has swept the globe and this is one of the best Sudoku Widgets around.If you've somehow avoided the game until now, Sudoku...

  11. Access Wikipedia from your Dashboard

    Wikipedia has become one of these websites which you just can't do without. Whether it's checking the definition of a word, learning about a historical event...

  12. A free Tools app for Android

    Battery Widget Charge Level % is a free app for Android that belongs to the category Tools, and has been developed by M2Catalyst, LLC..

  13. Find album covers for iTunes using Amazon

    One of the biggest databases for album data and covers is Amazon so it makes sense for iTunes to use Amazon to add richness to your collection. The problem...

  14. Keep up with the weather and get in to the spooky spirit with the Halloween Weather widget theme for GO Weather.

    This free download adds a range of spooky wallpapers to the GO Weather app. All you have to do is download GO Weather EX. This is also free, and will help...

  15. A free program for Android, by magdelphi.

    Bluetooth Music Widget Battery TWS Pods FREE is a free program for Android, that belongs to the category 'Utilities & Tools'.

  16. Dilbert, Peanuts and more delivered to your dashboard

    If you're a big Dilbert or Peanuts fan or just need a cartoon chuckle to get you through the day then take a look at freeComics Widget. freeComics Widget is...

  17. Free Stylish Weather Widget

    As the name suggests, Weather Widget Desktop is a app that provides a wealth of information on the weather, directly on your desktop.

  18. Messenger for Mac on your Dashboard

    I long ago left Messenger for Mac behind when I discovered Adium but there are occasions for one reason or another why I resort to it. That doesn't mean I...

  19. A free program for android

    Best Clock & Weather Widget is a free Android app that belongs to the category Travel Apps with subcategory Weather Apps.

  20. Know a Lot More About Your MacBook’s Battery Real-Time

    Battery Widget is a tool that lets you keep a check on your MacBook battery' status. It lets you keep track of things with a simple glance so that you stay...