Best background blur apps for iphone


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AfterFocus is a photo-editor app for Android and iOS devices in which you can blur the background of your images by choosing and selecting what part of it you want it to be blurred. Fast sharing options included.
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  • Age rating:4+

  • Category:Photo & Video,Entertainment


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  • by Brandon Sullivan

    AfterFocus is one of the best (and cheapest) apps on the market for those who need to create background blur in their photos. It has maintained a 4 st More

  • by Samuel Powell

    I love the background blur effect but didnt know how to do it. this app is great. easy to apply the effect to my pics.


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Snapseed is a complete and professional photo-editing software application developed by Google that will upgrade your regular photos, with lots of filters and special effects. It has 29 tools like healing, brush, structure, HDR, etc.

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  • Age rating:4+

  • Category:Photo and Video

  • Publisher:Google LLC

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  • Sara Zepeda

    by Sara Zepeda

    Snapseed is an awesome photo editing app. I've tried others, but none have offered as many unique options as this app. The simple options, like crop a More

  • Paridhi Sen

    by Paridhi Sen

    Snapseed is a multipurpose editor and it specifically blurs photo backgrounds well. For a mobile photo editor, this is really top notch and I don't th More

3.Bokeh Lens

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Bokeh Lens is an easy-to-use free app for iOS in which you can edit any photo from your gallery to have a bokeh effect or a blurred background. The area selection is manual and features several zoom options.
  • John Santos

    by John Santos

    While it isn't quiet the same as taking a photo with a nice DSLR camera to get this effect this app does a pretty reasonable job of achieving this loo More

  • David Burns

    by David Burns

    Bokeh Lens can easily help you blur the backgrounds in any of the photos you want to edit. Good solution.


Paid: $3.99
FabFocus is a premium app for iOS devices in which you can add blur, depth and bokeh effects to the photos you select from your gallery. The app features a built-in body recognition.
  • Brenda Medina

    by Brenda Medina

    If you need a background blurring app for your iPhone, FabFocus is the best option for that. It is a premium app that allows you to not only blur, but More

  • by Vincent James

    So I was looking for the best background blur apps for the Iphone and I found FabFocus. I love it so far, its a premium app for IOS devices and its ke More

5.Filterstorm Neue

Paid: $3.99

Filterstorm Neue provides users with editing tools they can use to modify photos such as Clarity, Close, Curves, Hue. Saturation, Temperature, Color Blending, etc. It also comes with features you can use for effects, masking, and blending.

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  • Age rating:4+

  • Category:Photo & Video

  • Publisher:Tai Shimizu

  • Size:26.80 Bytes

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  • Jordan Lane

    by Jordan Lane

    Filterstorm Neue is the best way to add that blur flare to all of your photos and much more.

6.Depth Effects

Paid: $2.99
Depth Effects is a premium app for iOS that allows you to have portrait mode on your iPhone device. It features bokeh effects and DLSR-mode for any picture you select from your gallery.
  • Randy Pearson

    by Randy Pearson

    I am always taking pictures of my friends and me when we are out. I love to add effects to really make the pictures standout. While on the hunt for ne More

  • Sarah Gibson

    by Sarah Gibson

    I found nothing on the app site to indicate that it provided the blur effect. While it might still do so, it is not well advertised leading me to b


7.Tadaa SLR

Paid: $3.99
Tadaa SLR is a pad app for iOS devices in which you can add a powerful effect to your regular camera. Just shoot, focus and get bokeh and depth of field effects as simple as it seems.
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  • Age rating:4+

  • Category:Social Networking,Photo & Video

  • Publisher:menschmaschine Publishing GmbH

  • Size:30.23 MB

  • Genre:Not available
  • Stephen Grant

    by Stephen Grant

    This is a pretty neat app for the bokeh effect however i found it a little too pricey considered theat these are the only features of the app, if adde More

  • by Lisa Bryant

    This is no longer a good solution. It wasn't good to start with since it costs $4 dollars. But when I tried it, its currently broken for current versi More

  • Julia Green

    by Julia Green

    I am not sure this app will help with making blur backgrounds. It is for the iPhone though.

8.Big Lens

Paid: $0.99
Big Lens is a paid app for iOS that gives an upgrade to the regular camera, adding blur effects, depth of field and lots of tools that adjust different parameters in order to get a professional result. This app is being offered by Reallusion Inc.
  • Hao Cao

    by Hao Cao

    I love putting blurs in the background of photos that I have taken. I've tried many different apps for this purpose and found that "Big Lens" works th More

  • Kevin Hudson

    by Kevin Hudson

    Big Lens is an ok solution for best background blur apps for iPhone because it will allow the user to ad a blur effect, but it is a paid app and i fee More

9.Blur Image Background

Free download
Blur Image Background is a free app for Android devices in which you will find useful tools for blurring the undesired background of the pics of your choice. Includes automatic photo filters.
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  • Age rating:Everyone

  • Category:Photography

  • Publisher:ANDROID PIXELS

  • Size:3.98 MB

  • Genre:Not available
  • Philip Grant

    by Philip Grant

    Blur Image Background a somewhat above-average pick for this particular category. This app. is rated as generally functionally effective and moderatel More

  • Jeremy Willis

    by Jeremy Willis

    It's exactly what you'd want, but the downside is.. it's not for iPhone. This is unfortunately an Android app. So with that said sorry, move on and fi More


Did you know that the Japanese term for blur is bokeh? This term is a common photography jargon in which the lens produces out-of-focus parts. Mike Johnston who is the editor of Photo Techniques magazine popularized it in 1997. His reason? For the correct pronunciation of English speakers.

There’s also a difference of bokeh – the good and the bad. Based on Photography Life, a good bokeh should appear soft and creamy with no hard edges. Smooth round of circles is also a factor for it. Macro and telephoto are some lenses that create a blurry background. Moreover, soap-bubble bokeh emerged through Hugo Meyer & Co. Through innovation, this is now possible since Meyer Optic USA Inc. released Trioplan f2.9/50 lens in 2015. But bokeh is not achieved only in photography. Nowadays, phones can now recreate it using photo effects. There are now apps to blur the background of a photo. In fact, iPhone launched its portrait mode in 2016 that blurs the background. Other phone models which are now producing bokeh are Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Vivo, and Honor 9 Lite. But don’t worry if you don’t have these phones since there are alternatives like apps that blur out the background of a photo. Feel free to try photo blur apps and share if there’s a difference from using a camera or a phone.