Best online flash games

1.Happy Wheels

with in-app purchases

This popular ragdoll physics-based platform features many vehicles to be driven in crazy situations and environments. Emulate your favorite YouTubers and play one of the most played games. 

  • Alexander Weaver

    by Alexander Weaver

    Violence in flash games will never get boring. The fact that you can keep finding new and creative ways to gore up the game is perfect in and of itsel More

  • Eric Gardner

    by Eric Gardner

    If you are looking for the best online flash game this is it. Play this car game any time you feel like you have time on your hands.

  • Emre Pekşen null

    by Emre Pekşen null

    İf you want to play at work at school Use this link. Really nice game

  • tung vi null

    by tung vi null

    If you are looking for the best online flash game this is it at 

  • Caroline Zhao

    by Caroline Zhao

    Fort those who like physic based games. It is still holding its own.

2.Bloons TD 5

Paid: $2.99

Bloons TD 5 (Bloons Tower Defense 5) is a tower defense game developed and produced by Ninja Kiwi. Originally released on December 13th, 2011, Bloons TD 5 is the fifth installment in the Bloons Tower Defense game series.

  • Larry Wade

    by Larry Wade

    A good online flash game is Bloons TD 5. It is fun because it lets us build our own awesome towers, choose our favorite upgrades, hire cool new Specia More

  • Debra Greene

    by Debra Greene

    Undoubtedly the best TD game ever created, Bloons offers plenty of towers, enemies, and exciting new levels.

  • Sharon Williamson

    by Sharon Williamson

    There are so many levels to this game they just can't be listed. Sickest flash I have and I can't put it down.

3.Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Paid: $1.99
Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is a tower defense game developed by Ironhide Game Studio. Published by Armor Games on June 6, 2013, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is the second installment in the Kingdom Rush tower defense game series.
  • Donna Turner

    by Donna Turner

    I love playing games. Sometimes I search for the best Online flash games. Recently I found Kingdom Rush Frontiers which is one of my favorite flash ga More

  • Julia Salazar

    by Julia Salazar

    I like this game, it runs smoothly on my low spec device and it has cute graphics that are almost cartoony. It's funny too!

4.Kingdom Rush

Paid: $9.99 with in-app purchases

Kingdom Rush is a real-time single-player tower defense game developed by Ironhide Game Studio. Published by Armor Games and originally released on July 28, 2011, it is the first of third games in the Kingdom Rush game series.

  • Billy Rogers

    by Billy Rogers

    My coworker was playing Kingdom Rush on lunch break one day. He said it was fun so I decided to give it a shot. I didn't think the game play was good  More

  • Brittany Vargas

    by Brittany Vargas

    The cute graphics and funny humor in this game makes it a classic one can't grow tired of, despite its rather repetitive nature

5.8 Ball Pool

with in-app purchases

8 Ball Pool is a game by Miniclip that you can play on your mobile device. You can compete for one-on-one or in tournaments and win trophies, coins, and different exclusive items.

  • by Vishal Rangan

    I really enjoy playing pool in real life, but I have never thought about downloading a mobile app for playing pool. I think this a good idea and I mig More

  • Alexander Hernandez

    by Alexander Hernandez

    I used to be a pool player until I took a pool stick to the elbow. Seeing as I can't play pool anymore, I've resorted to virtual pool games and I must More

with in-app purchases is a growth arcade-like game where the player starts off as a small cell that must consume smaller objects to grow larger. Developed by, this game is available to play on browsers, iOS, and Android.

  • Website:
  • Age rating:Not available
  • Category:Not available
  • Publisher:Not available
  • Size:Not available
  • Genre:Arcade, Casual

  • Matthew Brooks

    by Matthew Brooks

    What are the best Online flash games? Try was your fun answer.

7.Abobo's Big Adventure

Free download

Abobo's Big Adventure is a parody game which pays tribute to the 8-bit glory days of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The fury of Abobo shall be unleashed upon an unsuspecting 8-bit world. Abobo packs a lot of punch behind his pixels and it will be up to you to help him battle his way through countless hordes of retro characters to save his son, Aboboy!

  • Jerry Huang

    by Jerry Huang

    This is a fun little flash game that will feel familiar with those who grew up with the Nintendo Entertainment System. It's minimalistic like a lot of More

  • David Price

    by David Price

    Deffo a good throwback to old NES games. This one is chock full of references that it literally made me look for my old NES console and play it again. More

  • James Howell

    by James Howell

    Abobo's Big Adventure is so much like the old school NES games. I was surprised by how fast and smooth the game play was.

8.Line Rider

Free download

Line Rider is an internet flash game created by Slovenian student Bostjan Cadez in 2006 which posted on DeviantArt. The basic concept is to draw a line, press play, and watch Bosh, the guy on the sled, ride down it. 

  • Website:
  • Age rating:Not available
  • Category:Not available
  • Publisher:Not available
  • Size:Not available
  • Genre:Arcade, Casual

  • Donald Rodriguez

    by Donald Rodriguez

    Pretty fun flash game. Definitely creative and unlike most flash games out there. Best part about it is that there aren't a million ads that can hinde More

  • Douglas Crawford

    by Douglas Crawford

    Found this game in an old game site that got shut down now. Still can't believe that this hasn't lost its charm yet with its simplicity and basic game More

  • Megan Arnold

    by Megan Arnold

    The game sounded boring, but it is actually quite fun. Sometimes simplicity is best.


Free download

Coma is a flash-based adventure platform game by Thomas Brush wherein players will act as Peter who enters a world of whimsy and confusion after he wakes up. This game is mainly navigated with the left, right and up arrows. 



  • Mark Mendoza

    by Mark Mendoza

    An involving puzzle game, with impressive graphics and music. It's kind of creepy at time, which I like a lot. I got very engaged while playing and wo More

  • Larry Burke

    by Larry Burke

    creepy, but intriguing. this game has challenged my wits in more ways that one and has made me less scared of creepy games

  • Kimberly Ortiz

    by Kimberly Ortiz

    This is truly a game like no other. It took me a minute to get use to it but once I did I couldn't put it down. Just so much fun to play.

10.Katawa Shoujo

Paid: $9.99

Katawa Shoujo is a bishoujo-style visual novel adventure game developed by Four Lef Studios. It tells the story of a young man and five young women living with varying disabilities. The game uses a first-person narrative.

  • Ruth Barrett

    by Ruth Barrett

    as an avid anime lover/otaku, this game is the perfect game for somene who doesnt have a high end device like me. i love how the game plays out and ho More

  • Tiffany Little

    by Tiffany Little

    This game is very addicting and theres no downloading required. The controls are easy and the gameplay is smooth.

  • Jessica Gilbert

    by Jessica Gilbert

    I'm not a big fan of this game. I don't like the design or color. Not recommend.


with in-app purchases

Tetris was created on June 6, 1984 by Russian computer programmer Alexey Pajitnov. Since then, it has become one of the top-selling video games of all time.  

  • Nicholas Russell

    by Nicholas Russell

    I have been gaming for as long as I can remember and I am always at my computer so I play a lot of simple games to waste time between projects. Occasi More

  • Lori Wheeler

    by Lori Wheeler

    A classic game remade into a new one with better graphics and effcts. Qte surprising when you realize that this is a flash game

Free download is a free game for mobile devices in which you have to choose a party and lead it to victory. Decide if you want to be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, build your strategy, develop political force to destroy your opponents and collect votes to become the next president of USA.

  • Website:
  • Age rating:4+

  • Category:Not available
  • Publisher:Redwerk

  • Size:Not available
  • Genre:Simulator

  • Alise Williams

    by Alise Williams is an online multiplayer game dedicated to the presidential election in the US. You need to choose a party (Republicans or Democrats), collect votes, money and swallow up opponents to win. It is a very exciting game with an interestin


13.Super Smash Flash 2

Free download

Super Smash Flash 2 is an online web browser game published by indie website McLeodGaming, which is based on the Super Smash Bros series, specifically on the Nintendo-made game named Super Smash Bros. Melee.

  • Polar .

    by Polar .

    If you don't have a wii-u or a nintendo switch to play the famous nintendo game Super Smash Brothers, then this is the suiting game for you! It is a really fun way to spend time and you can play with up to 4 players.