Best vocal effects apps for iphone

1.Warm Me Up!

Paid: $5.99

Warm Me Up is a vocal warm up app for iOS devices, offering up to 50 vocal warm up exercises specially designed for those who want to improve their vocal skills. Each exercise is followed by suggestions on how to improve your results.

  • Aurora Zepeda

    by Aurora Zepeda

    I'm on a scholarship for singing so my voice is very important to me. Warm Me Up! is an iPhone app that helps me warm up my voice to ensure I always sound my best.


with in-app purchases

Voloco is a voice-processing and auto tune app that allows you to record your tracks with automatic tuning and pitch-shifting. Just start your performance and the app will automatically correct your voice.

  • Judy Hunter

    by Judy Hunter

    Overall, for me, this an most amazing app I've ever encountered. It's super fun to make different this and hear its super cool effects but still, it could still be improved like adding more features that record track. If they add it, this will be


3.Music Maker Jam

with in-app purchases

Music Maker Jam is a music creation application and software that also lets users share and discover tracks across a wide variety of genres. They can pick a loop, beat, or melody to start mixing your new track.

  • Teresa Stephens

    by Teresa Stephens

    At firat, I didn't like this as I've experienced some issue which was easily resolved because of their accommodating staff. Now I could say that I love it and I would voluntarily give 5 stars. Great job JAM team!

4.Auto-Tune Mobile

Paid: $4.99
Auto-Tune Mobile is a vocal pitch app that uses Antares' Auto-Tune technology to correct vocal performances for a professional result. It is compatible with other Inter-App Audio and Audiobus apps. This app is distributed by Susan Marvin.
  • Benjamin Greene

    by Benjamin Greene

    This app actually works perfectly with GarageBand. You can listen for the instrumental while recording. This app is well-worth of my 5$.


Paid: $19.99 with in-app purchases

Vocalive is the first professional vocal processor for live performance and multi-track recording on iPhone/iPad. Features a Mic Room microphone modelling for creating amazing vocal effects with reverbs, delays, and more. 

  • by Chao Hu

    I was fooling around with my friends the other night, and we downloaded VocaLive for my iPhone. We really have terrible voices, and none of us can sing. So we really need to have our voices cooked and distorted in order for them to be palatable. It w More

6.Erol Singer's Studio

Paid: $44.99

Erol Singer's Studio is a complete vocal training app  that offers voice lessons specially designed to develop your voice. It includes instant visual feedback using a patented technology designed for voice lessons.

  • Amy Turner

    by Amy Turner

    I have fun singing karaoke with my friends, especially when I can use an effects app to make my voice sound silly. Maybe adding echoes or making my voice sound like a chipmunk -- always a crowd pleaser! There are a lot of apps that do this sort of th More

7.Voice Rack

Paid: $4.99

Voice Rack is a real-time vocal multi-effects processor that can be used live or connected to other music apps. This app can transform voices with 50 vocal multi-effect racks from TC-Helicon

  • Jessica Wu

    by Jessica Wu

    As a singer with soft vocals, I find this app very helpful because it has pitch assist setting which is very perfect for my tone. I also like how polished the sound is. 

8.VoiceJam Studio

Paid: $9.99

VoiceJam Studio is a live looper and vocal effects processor for iOS devices. This app has been specially designed for song-writers and artists to perform and record songs. This app features over 40 vocal effects and tools to fix and create loops.

  • Ángel Santos

    by Ángel Santos

    This app is a must-have especially for songwriters like me. I'm so thankful or this app because I can record useable vocals for on-the-go compositions tho, it has a glitch sometime I'll still recommend it to other to musicians. 

9.Voice Synth

Paid: $17.99 With in-app purchases

Voice Synth is a professional live instrument to create new voices, choirs, sounds, and soundscapes. It includes 250 factory presets with 24 voice polyphony. This app is distributed by Qneo.

  • Barbara Newman

    by Barbara Newman

    A nice app for perfecting vocal process but it could still be developed. And I hope they will bring back the Audiobus support. I was disappointed when it was suddenly removed. IDK why.


Paid: $6.99

AltiSpace is a convolution reverb for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Its features include more than 400 factory presets from 24 actual reverb devices and high-quality and fast convolution algorithm with 64-bit operations.

  • Website:Not Available
  • Age rating:4+

  • Category:Music

  • Publisher:Igor Vasiliev

  • Size:Not available
  • Genre:Not available
  • Terry Santos

    by Terry Santos

    The effects sound in this app is superb guys!! It is a very fantastic reverb app which includes tons of incredible presets that you can choose and customize depends on what your taste in music. 5 stars for this!!!