1Password for Windows finally as good as Mac version

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1Password for Windows has lagged behind its Mac counterpart for years. Thankfully, the app received a major update today, bringing a completely redesigned app and new browser extension.

The app isn’t too different but gets a prettier and easier to use interface. It’s still a great database for all your passwords, credit cards, documents, and more.

1Password for Windows

New to 1Password for Windows is the new Weak Passwords section, which lets you know which passwords are weak and should be updated. The app also features “Watchtower,” which alerts you about security breaches so you can change your password.

1Password extensionPerhaps the biggest improvement is the browser extension, which is almost as good as the Mac menu bar tool. You can search for sites, look up favorites and tags, and generate passwords. Credit cards and identities can also be filled in via the extension.

1Password for Windows does not come cheap though. If you’re a new user, a new license will cost $50 ($25 for an upgrade). Users who purchased 1Password for Windows in 2013 or 2014 can upgrade for free.

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