3 great Android apps for learning a new skill

Miranda Lucas


Your Android can be used for more than social media and texting friends. Did you know that there are many amazing Android apps that can teach you a new skill in a fun way? Here are some of our favorite apps for learning a new skill.

3 great Android apps for learning a new skill


Duolingo: Learn Languages Free download free ►
Do you have an international trip coming up? Wish you could learn a new language so you can speak with the locals on your vacation? Duolingo is an Android app that will teach you a new language in a fun and simple way. Duolingo has dozens of languages available so you can start learning multiple languages right away. The best thing about Duolingo is that it's completely free, so you can focus on learning a new language without breaking the bank!

LinkedIn Learning DOWNLOAD FREE
Everyone knows that technology is king these days. However, not many people actually know how to code. With LinkedIn Learning, you can learn to code from the comfort of your phone. LinkedIn Learning can also teach you how to design and create a website from scratch, build a mobile app, develop leadership skills, or even teach you Microsoft Office skills, among many others. The app has many amazing free courses, but you can also buy additional courses with a monthly or annual subscription plan.

With the Amazon Kindle app, the learning possibilities are endless. Amazon Kindle has thousands of how-to and self-help books. There are books to teach you how to create a budget for yourself or even how to start a garden. No matter what you want to learn, Amazon Kindle probably has a book on the subject. You can download this app for any of your Android devices, no Kindle required.

With so many amazing app choices it can be difficult to know which one you want to get started with. Why not download all three and start learning some new skills today?

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