3 iPhone apps to enhance tonight’s NCAA Championship final

3 iPhone apps to enhance tonight’s NCAA Championship final

Tonight marks the final game in this year’s NCAA Championship in college basketball as the Kansas Jayhawks take on the Kentucky Wildcats.

If you’re a diehard college basketball fan, you’re going to want to make sure you’re prepared, not only to watch the game but to interact with other avid fans. Fortunately there are some great iPhone apps that can enhance your NCAA Championship final game experience.

From interaction with other fans to live streaming and updates, here are three apps that will make tonight’s game memorable.

NCAA March Madness Live: If you’re unfortunate enough to be out and about tonight instead of near a television set, you’re going to want to install this app. Most of the features are free, with the exception of live streaming video of the game. You can, however, listen to the live radio broadcast for free on the go. In addition, this app offers a social element, allowing you to post updates or comments directly to Facebook and Twitter. NCAA March Madness Live’s interface is also pretty slick, making navigation all the simpler as a result.

Cost: FREE ($3.99 for video)

CBS Sports: A more generalized app, CBS Sports is a good choice for fans of a variety of different sports, including NCAA basketball. You’ll get up to the minute news and updates on any of your favorite teams, as well as a GameTrackers feature that offers live scoreboards and stats so you can track the game even if you’re not near a TV. The app also comes with a nice collection of videos that cover everything from game highlights to player interviews.

Cost: FREE

Basketball Legends: Think you know everything about your favorite sport? This app will test your knowledge of basketball trivia. Everything from recent news to legendary basketball history and famous players of basketball’s past is covered. Basketball Legends boasts more than 300 questions and is updated regularly with new trivia questions. Commercials during tonight’s game might be the perfect time to test your friends and yourself on your knowledge of the sport.

Cost: $0.99

These apps should help add a little extra fun to tonight’s game, whether you’re able to watch it live or not.

What are your apps of choice to keep up with your favorite sports?

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