30 Pictures That Will Make Anyone With A Stone Cold Heart Go Aww!

We’ve all been there: you are a bit sad or stressed and look for cute pictures online. Babies, cats, dogs… Suddenly, the world becomes sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere. The reason, dear friends, is -as always- science. We are visual creatures and our brain is biased towards visual information, and humans love anything cute. Oxytocin and Dopamine are two of the most important hormones that trigger happiness and a positive emotional response, so whenever we see tiny things we find cute and attractive, our brain releases dopamine and makes us feel happy.

Are you ready? Because we’ve chosen 30 pictures that will melt the coldest heart out there.

1. Toy Story

“Ever since my niece saw Toy Story, she shouts “I’m leaving!” and then peeks at her room like this”, shared Reddit user u/finestjun. A really cute moment, that remains one of the most liked pictures in the forum, with users gushing about the little one’s imagination. “I can hardly wait until she watches Monsters INC.”, said one of the commenters. There’s nothing like the magic and innocence of children.

However, other user told another side of this cute moment: “Toy Story turned me into a little hoarding basket case. I was terrified of hurting my toys feelings so I would force myself to include every single toy during playtime!”, they shared.

2. Arnold’s BFFs

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an animal lover, and everyone knows that. If you follow him on social media, you may have had the chance to meet some of his little furry friends. However, there’s one that makes everyone go aww! and that’s Schnitzel. Look at her. Seriously, just look at her. So fluffy, so cute. Schwarzenegger himself wanted to share this cute pic of her friend in Reddit, for all to see.

“She’s the sweetest meatball. I got her for Christmas. She and Dutch are best friends. Lulu tried to trample her so we are working on their relationship”, he explained.

3. A True Reaction

My daughter’s reaction when holding her new baby sister. Much heavier than the dolls she practiced on!”, said Reddit user u/vassili_zaitsev about her eldest daughter’s reaction. Such a great picture that needs to be framed, if you ask us, but her dad may have a plan for it already. As he added later: “I’ll never let her forget it hahaha. This pic will haunt her for the rest of her days”.

When a new baby arrives, young children often feel excited, but it’s really important to give them plenty of attention and involve them in baby care.

4. Fluffy Surprises

As Mama duck laids her last eggs, she rarely leaves the nest. She rarely leaves the nest apart from short breaks to feed and stretch her legs. About 28 days later the eggs hatch together. The ducklings cannot survive without their mummy, and take 50-60 days before they fledge and become independent. So that might be why this Mama Duck goes every year and asks for help, with a pleasant fluffy surprise.

“Every year this mama duck brings her babies to my house and I help her take care of them. This morning I opened my door to 13 new peeping fluff balls.”, shared Reddit user u/ivereadthings.

5. A Frame For A King

Description and/or”Husband said he was going to make a bed frame. I thought it was for our new mattress…. It was for the cat”, shared Reddit user u/julcarls. Why is she surprised? If you have a cat at home, you are a mere servant. There’s a reason cat owners are sometimes referred to as “staff.” Cats have a way of burrowing in and taking over not only your heart, but your home too.

Your demotion probably started the day you adopted your cat, when (understandably) all focus switched to ensure your cat was settled, content and received all the best attention. In this case, the best bed frame ever.

6. The Sweater

Y’all. His name is Spaguetti. And he’s wearing a handmade sweater his owner made for him. Have you ever seen anything as cute as him? Seriously. Snake owners are weird people, but it seems sweaters for snakes are a thing. Snakes are ectothermic (cold-blooded) so they are unable to regulate their temperature, so it seems handmade sweaters are the option to go. “He just wiggles to the other end on his own”, shared his owner.

Spaguetti loves it, He probably finds it very safe, and maybe the fuzziness feels good, too. He might find it a fun little hiding sleeve, or he might actually find it comfortable. Adorable!

7. A New Friend

Your kid goes outside to play… And comes back with a new friend. And that friend has four legs and suspiciously resembles Bambi. Well, this happened to a little guy in Virginia who went to play and came back to the front door… with a very special new friend. His mum said that the 4-year-old talked to the young fawn and told him that he had cereal inside, so they came back home. His mum told him to take him back outside, so they ate some cereal and then he walked him outside.

So now we know two things: first, this little kid speaks deer: and second, the little fawn likes cereal -apart from his normal diet of leaves, twigs, fruits and nuts, grass, corn, alfalfa, and even lichens and other fungi.

8. The Photoshoot

Let’s be serious: could you look as glam and perfect as this kitty? We think no. Plus, cat photos are currently the most popular form of photography. It captures the pet’s personality, character, habits, and other memorable moments. What can we say about this cat, apart that he looks fabulous? The good side, the bad side; whatever side. We love this so hard. The derpy half smile is totally what makes this photo

By the way, according to a study by researchers from Pennsylvania State University and the University of Texas at Dallas, cats recognize other cats in pictures. They picked out other cats in pictures about 91 percent of the time.

9. Best Friends

They’re silly to watch and warm to snuggle with, but cats add so much more value to our lives than simply being the perfect subject for entertaining YouTube videos. Cats are rulers of their homes, but they also bring their humas all the love possible. Most of all, to children. Taking care of an animal shows children the direct results of their actions, allowing them to gauge how they affect others.

This picture shows the unbreakable link between this little one and his cat. “My son has loved my cat since the day he was born. She tolerates that love in a way I never thought possible”, shared his mum on Reddit.

10. Man Greeted By Otter

What are the chances of you getting in a river in the middle of the jungle and finding your best friend ever? That’s what happened to this man, who was filming one of his nature videos in Thailand and was greeted as an unexpected guest by one of the ‘locals’, a super cute otter, that wanted to give him a warm welcome to the neighborhood. Seriously, the whole thing is super cute.

Btw, this man’s called Frank Cuesta, and his channel and animal videos are the best.

11. A Mongolian Winter

This is how a Mongolian dresses their child for the cold. And now, we want to dress our kids exactly like that, ignoring climate changes and knowing they’d probably die out there in those clothes. Look at this kid -aren’t they cute? Parents also sew bells into their clothes so they can work around without have the need of keeping the eyes on them all the time. They are a thousand years ahead of us, seriously.

Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down. They can but wont cry or get hurt becaue they wear armor, it’s a double win. Seriously, we need those as soon as possible.

12. Zorro And Bandit

Ladies and gentleman, these are Zorro and Bandit. Mum and son. Together. Ready to fight crime -or commit it- you never know in the cutest way possible. But, we can’t deny that lil’ wee Bandit looks like he has already seen some things he’d rather not… Branded and treated a thief already as a wee lil kitten. Does he really have a choice? Does he really stand a chance?

This could really be how the villainous path of Señor Bandido really started. Think about it. But like, he’s born to the family business. There’s no escape, Bandit. We are so sorry.

13. Cat After A Nap

“My cat has emerged from my weighted blanket and doesn’t know when or where she is”, says Reddit user u/-catsnlacquer-. It could be your cat, or any of us, but let’s be serious here: that wasn’t a cat nap, that was a cat coma. Look at that face. She was catatonic. Like about to ask what year is this or who is the actual President of the United States.

Funny thing is, we are 100% sure her human spent the whole time trying to decide what to watch when the cat went to sleep. We’ve been there, done that.

14. The Boycott

A boycott: to engage in a concerted refusal to have dealings with (a person, a store, an organization, etc.) usually to express disapproval or to force acceptance of certain conditions. Reddit user u/drewtheblueduck couldn’t figure out why his music kept pausing while he was trying to work. Until he found out there was something -better yet, someone that was boycotting his attempts to listening to his favorite jams. His BFF.

We are no experts, but we think it might be an issue with the subwoofer. Plus, it wasn’t pausing, it was pawsing.

15. One Year Difference

“One year difference… some things never change”, says Reddit user u/vladgrinch, proudly sharing this adorable picture of their dog and its best friend. This is so cute, we can’t. Every pet owner knows that toys are really important to pets. Cats and dogs can get emotionally attached to the things they chose. And it doesn’t even have to be a toy — it might be an old sock or a cap.

Oftentimes, the toy they played with when they were youngest will remain their favorite. And pet owners: you better share it so we can all say aww! together. Please.

16. Doctor Meow and the Multiverse of Catness

Cats. We love them to bits, but our cute feline overlords have different sides to them. When they think we’re not looking, they can act like the biggest derps on the universe. However -and luckily for us- their derpiness is an endless source of entertainment for us and the internet alike. Case in point, this kitty, who very well could be the main star of Doctor Meow and the Multiverse of Catness, just with this picture.

The whole sequence is hilarious. We have something to add here, he immediately tries to make out with self, so we think this might be Loki, not Doctor Meow.

17. The Warning

There are cats, and then there are cats that come with a warning. Would you adopt this one? Of course, there’s something about him that just makes you go and say: ‘I’m up to the challenge!’. Because of course you are. Who wouldn’t. It’s nearly impossible to resist to that face. In his defense, we’ll say there probably was a perfectly good reason: it was fun. He probably didn’t need anything else.

Just so you know, as soon as the sign was put on his cage, someone from Texas was willing to pay his adoption fees. Because of course they did. Who wouldn’t?

18. Heidi Is The Loveliest

Did you know that dogs and cats can develop vitiligo? Vitiligo is an uncommon skin condition that causes skin to lose its natural pigment, a process called depigmentation. In addition to affecting the skin, vitiligo can also cause hair to turn white. With vitiligo, an autoimmune disease attacks and destroys melanocytes. As the melanocytes die off, the skin in the affected area turns white or pink This below is Heidi, and she’s got vitiligo, but she’s the cutest.

Currently, there are no available treatments for vitiligo. However, because vitiligo causes no discomfort, your dog or cat will be just fine living the rest of his or her life with this condition.

19. A Cute Encounter

Look. At. Him. What would you do if you found a little stoat during another of your boring work days? That’s exactly what happened to Reddit user u/Boyinthecorn, whose work day satisfaction improved a million times. “Found this little guy at work today”, he said. Vicious little cuties. Fluffy and teeny on the outside, can take a whole rabbit if necessary. Deadly little suckers, like a squirrel whose gone on a blood frenzy.

And yet still adorable. Adorable things killing other adorable things. Stoatally adorable, we must say. PS. They are not legal to keep as pets in the US, as they are listed as high-risk.

20. Kitty Beans!

First off, we may have to remember everyone that these are not beans literally — beans are basically cat paw pads and the “official” term for them is digital pads; the digits being their toes. Cats have: four toe beans on each foot and five toes on their front feet, two of these being the dew claws. That makes for 18 toes unless your cat is polydactyl.

This kitty is precious and their toe beans are just adorable. Soft as jelly beans, they make us want to hug him. We want a kitty. And we want it now.

21. I See You

Look at this visitor near Trident Technical College, SC. Owls are very curious, but they are generally not “smart,” at least when being compared to the most intelligent members of the avian world – the corvids and parrots. To be honest, a own looking at anyone like that, is just terrifying. Owls looking at you like that are way to scary, you never know that they are thinking -or scheming.

Owls could peek over the top of something and not look like a bird at all if their beak isn’t showing. They can be really big. Seriously, some even argue that the Mothman was originally a misidentified owl.

22. A New Plant Species

Back in February, researchers confirmed a new plant species had been discovered in Central China. They confirmed that the plant is a new Astragalus species. But, could anyone confirm what kind of plant is this below? Some Reddit users tried their best, with names like Dogwood Tree, Snifferus Wooferus, Knotty Dogwood, a Doglas Fur or a Puplar. But it really seemed like a rare find, as it looked like the rare Dūmus Canis, more commonly referred to as ‘dogshrub’ or ‘pupweed’.

Whatever it is, we’ll take it -it looks pet-friendly enough. However, better get the hose first, he might need some cleaning prior entering the house, don’t you think?

23. Birthday Party

We don’t know about you, but we think that this is the best party ever. Reddit user u/the_pizzacat shared this picture of the awesome party they threw their cat, with a half cheese, half pepperoni pizza and all the love in the world. “I don’t have kids, so I threw my kitty a birthday party”, they said. Then you have their super cute cat in a hat. How cool is this?

On a serious note, though, you don’t need an excuse to eat pizza. Just eat the pizza. Seriously, you’ll feel better. It’s always a good time to eat pizza.

24. Louie And His Bowtie

“My cat Louie was messing around with toilet paper and I decided to tie a loose “bow” around his neck to see what it looked like.. It’s been an hour. He absolutely REFUSES to let me remove it”, shared Reddit user u/ThrowAwayNZProblem. I mean, who would? Look at how smart he looks. Trendy, elegant, handsome… It’s got everything; he’s catwalk ready. Please, Loui, never ever remove that awesome bowtie.

Two hours later, he kind of allowed to get it removed. He was chillin’ on the sofa and his human went to remove it to keep it safe. He woke up immediatly and just glared at them. “I could feel him writing my obituary with just the side eye”, they said.

25. Double Trouble

No, this is not a two headed cat. These are two cuties everyone would like to have in their lives, as it turns out they just really like each other and want to be very close. They love each other so much, we can’t get enough of them. We hope their owner have this picture framed. So much love! Think about all the shenanigans! Add one more and you’ve had Purrberus.

We love how just from this alone you can tell which one’s the troublemaker. They are so cute. Red tabby cats are natural charmers, and this is the proof everyone needs.

26. A Kitty And His Sweater

Y’all. This is a kitty. A kitty in a handmade sweater. A great picture shared by Reddit user u/ponceau_4r, who said: “Took a photo of a kitten with a cute sweater, on a traditional bamboo porch at an indigenous village”. What do you think guys -does this cutie like his sweater? To be honest, this baby is all of us when we were young and had to put on grandma’s handmade sweaters.

This kitty might be bothered, but we are a 100% sure that a happier lass you’ll not find, she’s super happy and her family are huge animal lovers.

27. Baby Squirrel

A baby squirrel can improve anyone’s day. You don’t believe us? Just take a look at the picture below. However, if you ever find one, please call your local wildlife rescue and ask what to do. Normally, they will ask you to put the baby squirrel back where you found it in a cardboard box (shoe size), lined it with some soft rags. After that, it’s best to keep an eye for a few hours for its mom to come.

If the mom doesn’t take it, bring it to the Rescue Centre, where they’ll put it in a heating bed all set up.

28. The Cutest Smile

Sloths are the cutests animals and no one can deny that. Those furry arms just seem made for hugging! Why are sloths so darn cute? Is it the little button eyes, the round or perhaps the adorable pink tongue? They make our heart melt and feel warm and fuzzy whenever we see them. Pretty much everything about sloths scream cuteness, but not that cliché, cutesy-wutesy cuteness you find with kittens or baby rabbits.

However, it’s important to remember that just because a sloth likes to snuggle a tree does not mean they want to snuggle us! Never touch a wild sloth, and don’t patronize organizations that allow sloths to be held by humans.

29. Baby Piglets

Baby pigs are incredibly cute and lovable. Look at these below, with their good looks, their cute snouts! With their adorable curly tails, soft noses, and floppy ears, they’re positively irresistible. All wrapped up in a blanket, begging for a hug -we wish, at least-. While pigs are often raised as farm animals, some people have pigs as pets, and take them on leashed walks just like dogs! Pigs have complex social lives and excellent memories, and studies show they are the smartest of all domestic animals.

Baby pigs are so cute and just look like they are the or would make the perfect pet. And they are for the right people but they are not the pet for everyone. Remember: babies grow up!

30. The Best Proposal

Ok, so this is a man proposing. Nothing to see here, apart from a little hippo that just want to take part in this couple picture perfect moment (that became so when he joined in, let’s be real). Some of you may recognize her, that’s Fiona, from Cincinnati zoo (This pic was taken before Fritz, the baby of the family, for all of you that have had the luck to meet them).

Fiona a little jealous, which makes it even funnier. Always a bridesmaid, never the bride. Poor Fiona. She better get an invite to the wedding.

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