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4 free online courses for learning how to code

4 free online courses for learning how to code
Miranda Lucas

Miranda Lucas

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There are so many reasons you might want to learn how to code. Maybe you want to learn a new skill to put on your resume, or perhaps your job demands that you expand your coding knowledge beyond the basics. Whatever the reason, you’ll find plenty of free coding courses online that you can begin immediately.


Below are four free courses you can take now to learn how to code.

4 free online courses for learning how to code

1. Codecademy

Codecademy is widely considered to be one of the best free coding resources online. With Codecademy, you can learn to code according to subject or language. Example subjects include web development, design, and data science. Depending on the subject (or your personal coding goals) you’ll likely start with learning the basics of HTML and CSS.

As a bonus, if you’re not happy with the free version, you can also upgrade to Pro to receive additional resources. That version offers more in-depth knowledge on building a successful website with your coding skills.

2. freeCodeCamp

freeCodeCamp is a nonprofit organization that wants you to be able to learn how to code for free. It offers more than 8,000 courses, videos, and resources that are all free to use. Most of the certifications take about 300 hours to complete. For example, you can learn all of the basics of web design and HTML5 with their Responsive Web Design Certification.

The organization also offers far more complex courses in JavaScript, Databases, and Git & GitHub, among many others. Once you learn the skills you need, freeCodeCamp will help you gain actual coding experience by coding for other nonprofits.

3. BitDegree

BitDegree offers a huge selection of free classes in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and beyond. If you’re looking for some more in-depth coding courses, give BitDegree a shot.

You can also use their Code Editor to put your knowledge to the test, test your code, and learn more about coding by gaining more hands-on experience.

4. Khan Academy

This is another nonprofit organization that wants you to have access to the knowledge you need. Khan Academy offers several courses on intro-level and advanced coding, from learning HTML or SQL to learning how to use JavaScript to make games and simulations.

Additionally, you can supplement your coding courses with intro-level classes in computer science such as How Computers Work or Internet 101. The organization offers courses far beyond coding too, so check out the Khan Academy site if you want to learn any additional skills.

Miranda Lucas

Miranda Lucas

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