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4 incredibly useful templates in Google Sheets

google sheets templates

No matter how you use Google Sheets, at home or at work, it’s important for the spreadsheet program to be as efficient and user-friendly as possible. One of the many benefits of the program comes in the form of Google Sheets templates. Below, learn about the different templates available at your fingertips. These four handy tools can boost productivity and make life easier for all G-Suite users.

4 incredibly useful templates in Google Sheets

1. Invoice

If you own a small business or operate as a freelancer, the invoice template is a lifesaver. It’s a completely customizable template that looks way more professional than a run-of-the-mill spreadsheet. That way, you can impress clients without very much backend work.


2. Project timeline

Project management can be tough, which is why this template is so thoughtful and useful. The timeline helps you organize and implement different steps of any large-scale project. A lot of users appreciate its visual separation of larger tasks, which makes it easier to delegate (and is a lot less stressful to look at).

3. Employee shift schedule

This is another template that simplifies the lives of business owners. The shift schedule template makes it easy to track who is working what hours, at what rates, and even calculating paychecks.

4. Financial statements

Anyone who’s in charge of reconciling the finances for a business knows what a daunting task it can be. By helping to track business transactions, P&Ls, and assets and liabilities, this template makes the process much easier. It is even broken up into different tabs that automatically summarize certain information, along with a dashboard where you can calculate YTD growth with minimum data-inputting effort. This template significantly helps minimize the chance of human error when calculating important information for any business or organization.

All of these templates make it much more possible to be efficient and productive when using Google Sheets. And let’s face it, that’s the reason most users turn to the program in the first place.

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