5 awesome stress-relief apps to use right now

Miranda Lucas


Everyone faces stress. Whether you’re running late to class, waiting for an interview, or planning a wedding, stress impacts your life in a variety of situations. And while your phone may cause a lot of stress, the right app can help you unwind. Here are five apps that can help you get a handle on your stress, no matter how busy your schedule.

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5 awesome stress-relief apps to use right now

Headspace Download Free
Headspace provides a vast variety of mindfulness services. In as little as 10 minutes, Headspace meditations improve users’ mood, concentration, and empathy. Headspace's clinically-proven services will provide you with new and improved stress management tools.
Is stress taking away your sleep? Try using Calm for stress-related sleep problems. In addition to meditation and relaxing music, Calm features gentle stretching exercises and even sleep stories. The app proves you deserve a healthy sleep schedule alongside your busy daily routine.
MINDBODY Download Now
MINDBODY promotes fitness and mindfulness to ease everyday stress. The software also alerts you to health and beauty professionals, such as salons and yoga studios. MINDBODY illustrates how stress relief improves everyone personally, physically, and professionally.
Buddhify Download Now
Buddhify relieves stress when you're on the go, even if you only have five minutes. Buddhify lets users customize their stress management techniques alongside prearranged routines. The app also encourages its users to spread mindfulness to others, a feature that extends stress relief beyond the individual. This approach validates the need to not only soothe yourself, but also other people.
Aura suits those who enjoy personal freedom in their stress management. You can enjoy a new meditation session each day as well as save older sessions for later use. Aura also allows users to choose the stress relief they feel at the moment. Aura demonstrates that stress relief includes anything from a light pick-me-up to a serious crisis.

People become more efficient and upbeat without excessive stress. As more stress relief apps appear, we all have more opportunities to find the best stress management program to use. Stress relief should serve as not only a useful tool for emergencies, but also as a crucial building block in enhancing daily routines. Try these apps and see how your life can improve with a few new smart routines.

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