5 ways to customize Yahoo! Mail

5 ways to customize Yahoo! Mail

Remember the days when your parents told you what to wear? Put a jacket on. Don’t wear those nice shoes out. Here, your grandma knitted this for you.

One of the great things about growing up is you get to choose your own clothes. To express yourself the way you want. And this applies to your Yahoo! Mail client, too. Why let Yahoo! decide what your email client looks like?

So here are five ways you can put some of your personality into Yahoo! Mail.

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1. Change the theme

The latest version of Yahoo! Mail gives you a ton of personalization options. Simply click the gear on the top right and you can choose your own:

  • Color scheme
  • Message layout
  • Inbox spacing

And you can also choose whether to include tabs for multitasking.

Source: Yahoo

2. Change the font (and font size)

You can also select the default font and font size for your emails, which is useful if you have trouble reading smaller print.

To change the font and size:

  1. Click the gear icon on the top right.
  2. Select More settings.
  3. Select Writing email from the column on the right.
  4. Under Default rich text font, choose the font and text size you want (you can see how it will look in the preview box on the right).

Source: Yahoo

3. Add an email signature

It can be tiring having to write the same sign-off multiple times, so why not create your own email signature? This is especially useful if you use Yahoo! Mail for business. It’s super easy to do; just follow the instructions below.

To create your own email signature:

  1. Go to the Writing emails section of Settings (as outlined in step 2).
  2. Toggle Signature to on.
  3. Write your signature, including any rich text features such as bold, size, etc.
  4. That’s it – your new signature is automatically saved. To turn it off, simply toggle the Signature switch off.

Source: Yahoo

4. Add stationery

Stationery lets you add a bit of extra color and imagery to your emails for special occasions. Perhaps you want to congratulate someone or send them birthday wishes – even a Christmas card. Yahoo! Mail partnered with Paperless Post to give you over 50 designs, completely free, to wow your friends and family with.

To add some flair to your next email, follow these instructions:

  1. After clicking Compose, click the little card and heart icon next to the Send button.
  2. The stationery box will appear. Select what stationery you want to add.
  3. Close the stationery box.

And that’s it! It’s much nicer than going through a separate e-card website.

Source: Yahoo

5. Switch to Yahoo! Mail classic (or basic)

Not everyone thrives on choice, so if you prefer Yahoo! Mail’s old, functional layout to its shiny new one, you can always switch back.

Classic gives you some customization, such as photo themes (which you might actually prefer to block colors), and it’s a good halfway point between the two looks.

To switch to Yahoo! Mail Classic:

  1. Click the gear icon on the top right.
  2. Select Switch to classic mail (at the bottom in grey).
  3. You’ll then get a pop-up asking why you’re switching to the older look. You must fill this in to switch back.
  4. Enter the details and click Switch back to classic mail.

Source: Yahoo

For the purists among you who want email without the frills, you can return to Yahoo! Mail Basic. You will lose themes, drag and drop attachments, and other features – so do consider carefully whether this is for you.

To switch to Yahoo! Mail basic:

  1. Click the gear icon, then Settings.
  2. At the bottom, you’ll see Mail version.
  3. Select Basic.
  4. Click Save.

Source: Yahoo

So there you have it: five different ways to get Yahoo! Mail the way you want it. Play around and see what works for you. And remember – there’s no shame in wearing grandma’s knitted sweaters!

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