5 ways to shrink long URLs

5 ways to shrink long URLs

URL Link ImageThere’s nothing that looks more unsightly on a website than long URLs. This is especially true when it comes to commenting on blogs where you want to leave a link but the comment box can’t handle them properly. However, it seems that keeping URLs trim still isn’t something that’s caught-on, even among the big boys.

As Rob Trent points out, check out this old link that Microsoft posted on their website:


To avoid making the same mistake, try any one of the these 5 tools to shorten URLs into something more manageable:

Available either as an extension for Firefox or a dashboard widget for Mac OS

One of the most widely used URL shrinkers on the net, TinyURL is an online tool that asks you to enter the URL you need to shrink and gives you the result instantly.

A simple app that sits on your desktop and can be recalled at any moment to shrink a link. Normally it goes for $14 but you can get it for free right now. It’s a bit long winded to install and it won’t even let you cut and paste links with your mouse but it does allow you to track links. 

Another online tool but also allows you to enter a password while shrinking that allows you to track how many people click on your link.

An online tool that arguably offers the smallest URLs possible. You can also track and view other stats about your URLs but you have to be a member.

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