6 hilarious YouTube channels for adults and kids

6 hilarious YouTube channels for adults and kids

Are you in need of a laugh right about now? You’re in the right place. YouTube is one of the greatest places to get one, because it has a little something for everyone. British humor – check! Crass American humor – check! Absurdist humor? Pranks? YouTube is there for you. Whatever your age or style of humor, we have something for you — get laughing, or else!

6 YouTube channels that will make you laugh

Family-friendly picks

If you’re in a household with kids, you know how important it is to find YouTube content that is suitable to play in their presence–and it can be challenging! Here are a few good channels to check out if you have kids.

1. JStuStudios


The team behind JStuStudios are known for their outlandish pranks and clean humor. They pride themselves creating family-friendly content that both kids and adults can laugh at. Their humor is often physically based, giving kids especially a reason to giggle.

A lot of their videos center around pranks: chewing loudly through a megaphone, acting absurdly in libraries, and attempts made to purchase fast food with large quantities of change held in a piggy-bank. Faith -families, or families simply seeking clean content, are usually pleased to discover that JStuStudios is a Christian-oriented YouTube channel.

2. Mother Goose Club


Mother Goose Club is a popular channel (4.5 million subscribers and counting) that is appropriate for the whole family, though it will appeal most to preschool-age kids and younger. The videos often feature child actors singing songs in a light-hearted, humorous way.

On top of the comic relief provided by the videos, kids will learn easy, catchy songs that they can sing alongside their family and friends: Scrub-A-Dub-Dub, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Old Macdonald Had a Farm, to name a few.

3. PBS Kids


PBS Kids YouTube channel features content similar to what you’ll find on their family-friendly broadcasts: a fusion of the comical and the educational. Geared toward preschool to elementary-aged kids, PBS Kids empowers children with valuable lessons along with humor.

Shows like “Arthur” feature storylines that often deal with common childhood adversities in a humorous way. Other shows like “Splash and Bubbles” instill in viewers a sense of adventure, encouraging kids to use their imagination.

Adult humor

Okay, adults – it’s your turn! Here are our picks for fun-to-watch channels geared toward adults. Each channel has a niche of its own, as each creator contains his or her own unique comedic voice. Take a look.

4. PewDiePie


PewDiePie is a Swedish content creator and personality who is considered one of the pioneer YouTubers. One of the hallmarks of his content is videos depicting his outrageous reactions while playing some of scariest games in the video game world.

PewDiePie videos are perfect for anyone interested in comedy and gaming. If you’re not a gamer and just looking for a healthy laugh, PewDiePie definitely has something for you. The YouTube star currently has about 58 million subscribers, and his fanbase is continually on the rise.

5. FailArmy


Following a similar trajectory as the “America’s Funniest Home Videos” shows of the past, FailArmy gives audiences a chance to laugh at some of the cringiest fails ever filmed. Chances are that just about everyone has come across at least one hilarious FailArmy video.

The channel boasts having over 13 million fail-hungry subscribers, each waiting to laugh at the next fail-worthy piece of footage. FailArmy videos feature something for everyone, and they often go viral.

In fact, there is so much classic FailArmy footage out there that the channel has begun to release compilation videos containing the top fails of the month and year. For some fans, catching up on the iconic fails of the past and staying current on recent fails is almost a spiritual act in and of itself. 

6. Ed Bassmaster


Like some of the previous picks, Ed Bassmaster  focuses a lot on the pranking side of comedy. His channel might not have as many subscribers (roughly 2 million) as some of the YouTube heavyweights, but he is respected as one of the more distinguished forerunners of YouTube entertainers.

Ed Bassmaster puts out content on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. His bits range from intentionally poorly executed job interviews to hilarious riffing with Wal-Mart staff over the phone. Over the years he has created characters like Mumbles, Teste, and Skippy that have gone on to become underground internet stars in their own right.

In addition to being a laugh-inducing prankster, Ed Bassmaster is also genuine performer with a real gift for comedy. Since starting his career in 2006, Bassmaster has earned his reputation as one of the funniest YouTube content creators out there.

What YouTube channels make you laugh? Let us know in the comments!


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