A snapshot of Snipshot

Snipshot LogoThe designers of Snipshot say they were determined to make an online image editor because ‘people said it simply couldn’t be done’. Well, done it they have and very impressive it is too. This is probably the best Web 2.0 image editor I’ve used although it’s not for Photoshop lovers – Snipshot’s beauty lies in its simplicity and ease of use.

Snipshot is a Firefox extension which allows you to upload images from your computer or enter the web address of any photo online which Snipshot will isolate and allow you to edit. Once installed, it inserts a right-click context menu in your browser so you simply click on the image and select ‘Edit in Snipshot’. The program doesn’t touch your original image either and any mistakes can be easily undone. There’s nothing fancy here – the program consists of 5 functions – undo, re-size, crop, rotate and adjust. You can then save it in GIF or JPG format and even upload it to your Flickr account.

This is a superb program that’s great for those who want to make simple edits, but don’t want to be overwhelmed by a stand alone graphics editor. If you want to see how Snipshot compares with other online editors, there’s a great comparison review at the Smiley Cat blog.

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