Brands of Graphics Cards Ranked by Failure Rates in New Study

If you're going to spend 1,000 euros on a GPU, it's better to know which is the best brand.

Brands of Graphics Cards Ranked by Failure Rates in New Study
Chema Carvajal Sarabia

Chema Carvajal Sarabia

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When it comes to buying a graphics card, many of us users check out all the internet reviews and specialized forums. We want to buy the best one, and figuring out which one is truly worth it can be challenging.


And the truth is, even the best graphics cards can fail. Digitec Galaxus AG, one of the largest Swiss computer suppliers, openly shares its statistics on which graphics card manufacturers have the highest failure rates and how long it takes to process a warranty claim.

It’s important to note that the data collected is limited to the sales of Digitec Galaxus AG. Therefore, the data doesn’t reflect the number of cases worldwide.

Palit takes the crown for GPUs in a fiery market

According to Digitec Galaxus AG, the collected information corresponds to brands that have sold at least 300 units in the last two years. The company also did not specify whether the data is based solely on gaming graphics cards or includes professional graphics cards as well.

The study reveals that Gainward has the lowest number of faulty graphics cards, with an RMA rate of 0.4%. Gainward, which has been a part of Palit since 2005, is relatively unknown outside the European market. On the other hand, Palit ranks third on the table with a rate of 0.8%.

Digitec Galaxus AG

The statistics show that AMD graphics cards rank eighth with a failure rate of 1.4%. Since AMD doesn’t manufacture graphics cards, Digitec Galaxus AG is likely referring to reference models, now more commonly known as MBA (Made By AMD).

PC Partner, which also produces products for Sapphire, Dell, or Samsung, is the manufacturer behind AMD’s reference graphics cards. Interestingly, PC Partner’s subsidiary Zotac has a failure rate of 1.8%.

PowerColor appears to be the best AMD partner with a defect rate of 1.2%. Among the three exclusive AIB partners of AMD, Sapphire has the most significant RMA rate at 2.5%, followed closely by XFX at 2%.

Inno3D (0.9%) seems to be Nvidia’s top partner in terms of reliability. On the other hand, EVGA, which no longer manufactures graphics cards, ranks 12th with an RMA rate of 1.8%.

As for the other major brands, Asus and MSI are tied in the eighth position with a 1.4% defect rate, while Gigabyte (1.9%) and ASRock (2.1%) occupy the 14th and 16th positions, respectively.

Digitec Galaxus AG also recorded the duration of manufacturer warranty cases, considering the time from when the graphics card arrives at the service center until it is returned to the customer.

In this aspect, Gigabyte is the slowest seller in terms of RMA times, taking 17 business days to complete the RMA process. On the other hand, ASRock and Palit have some of the best RMA services, as they take only two business days.


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