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Instagram guide: 12 tips to get more followers

Instagram guide: 12 tips to get more followers
Baptiste Brassart

Baptiste Brassart

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In this sixth installment of our Complete Guide to Instagram, we’ve put together 12 top tips that will help you increase your number of followers on Instagram.

For many of us, “success” when it comes to social networks is measured through the number of subscribers to our account. Instagram is no exception to this rule and “just” following the rules of photographic composition is usually not enough to make sure your photos are popular. Here is a series of small, easy-to-implement tips that will showcase your account.

Subscribe to all your contacts who are already using Instagram

Before you embark on a frantic race to achieve likes, you can first count on your friends to build up a solid base of followers. To do this, go to the options menu and press Find people to follow.

Instagram: Find people to follow

Go to options and then click Find People to Follow

It’s then possible to scan your address book and your Facebook account to find people you know.

Instagram: Find people to follow

Subscribe to your friends who are already using Instagram

Make sure your account is public

From the menu Edit your profile, make sure that Publications are private is not ticked. Of course, you have chosen this option, but you can change your mind.

Instagram: check your settings

Make sure your profile is public

Share your photos on other social networks

One of the strengths of Instagram is the ability to publish content on other online services such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, and Flickr. To link all of these accounts to your Instagram profile, go to the option, Preferences > Share Settings.

Instagram: link up with other networks

Link all of your social networks to Instagram

Look after your bio

Instagram attracts millions of users and so it’s important to look after your profile. Most users will probably just skim over it, but for those who take the time to read your bio, it’s probably the info in your profile that will make them want to follow you.

Instagram: take care with your profile

Your profile could be read by anyone! Look after it!

Add a caption to all your photos

For each photo or video you share on Instagram, you can add a short piece of text. Our advice? Try to describe the situation as accurately as possible, while avoiding an avalanche of hashtags. By simply reading the description, users should be able to put the picture in context.

Don’t hesitate to specialize in one area

Are you a fan of big guns? Feel free to use your entire Instagram account to show this. Users will more easily identify the type of photos you put on there and can immediately choose to follow you or not. Then get in touch with your imaginative side – and show some originality! There are already too many accounts that only publish photographs in black and white, or only use the Toaster filter, for example.

Use hashtags properly

To gain popularity on Instagram, it’s important to use the right hashtags at the right time. Many sites such as reference the most current popular words. Among the ones you just have to use, there is of course #tbt for ThrowBackThursday , #ff for FollowFriday or #YOLO for YouOnlyLiveOnce.

So hashtags are used to sort pictures and videos by keyword. Through the Explore tab, you can find the content you want. The goal? Follow authors sharing the same interests, hoping they follow you in turn.

Avoid quick fixes

Some websites and fake Instagram accounts offer so-called revolutionary solutions. Don’t trust them, because most of them don’t meet Instagram’s conditions of use. By using their service, you may well see your Instagram account being disabled.

Get more Instagram followers?

Connect your Facebook account to Instagram

In the menu Options > Share Settings > Facebook options, Instagram gives you the ability to automatically display your Instagram content on your Facebook wall. Tick ​​the box “Share likes on Facebook” to encourage your friends to interact with it.

Instagram: share on FacebookShare content that you like on Facebook

Post photos at the right time of the day

One of the most common ways to generate likes is to appear in the top results of a specific hashtag search. It only takes a few seconds, but the more people who are connected during those few seconds, the greater your chances of gleaning new followers. A little analysis is therefore necessary.

Instagram users typically consult their timeline in the morning before leaving for work or in the evening at home, on the comfort of their own couch. Think about the time that you’re going to share your photos with the world. A photo published at 11.30am is unlikely to unleash crowds of followers.

Use third-party applications and offer original content

Collages, original effects, unpublished filters, regram friends: you’ve got lots to choose from. Many applications of this type are free, so take the opportunity to add a touch of originality to your account. Simply type Instagram into your favorite app store and download the applications that seem the most interesting.

Third party apps for Instagram

See? Lots to choose from!

Follow these tips and you should see your number of followers gradually increase. The increase will probably not be very dramatic in the early days, but your publications should gradually become more successful.

Have we missed something? Don’t hesitate to give us your best hints and tips in the comments!

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