Alternatives to Clash of Clans on Android

Softonic Editorial Team

Softonic Editorial Team

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After a long wait, you can finally download Clash of Clans for Android! If you were first in line when the game was released, however, you might be a little bored already. If you’re looking for something new, you’re in luck! Below, we give you a list of 7 excellent alternatives to Clash of Clans on Android!

Alternatives to Clash of Clans on Android

Castle Clash

Castle Clash stands out from other games that look like Clash of Clans because it introduces some interesting modifications to the well-known CoC formula. After a successful attack, individuals on the battlefield don’t actually die, and can be used again in combat. In addition, units stationed at the base are able to help defend it. These rules seem pretty standard in other games, but not in Clash of Clans. Castle Clash doesn’t follow CoC 100%, but we’re okay with that.

Battle Dragons: Strategy Game

The game mechanics in Battle Dragons are very similar to Clash of Clans, but it doesn’t copy the rest of the game too closely. The game doesn’t follow the graphics or menu placement of CoC and, as the name of the game suggests, the main characters are dragons. It’s a good choice, as it gives developers a huge range of options to create even better, more powerful, and more beautiful dragons.

Jungle Heat

Jungle Heat appeals to lovers of military games. The action takes place in the jungle, raw materials are gold and crude oil, and the goal is to expand the base and buy futuristic arsenals of weapons. The graphics are nice and colorful, but it has its own style. The gameplay is very similar to that of Clash of Clans.

Clash of Lords

Clash of Lords is another game that draws in handfuls of Clash of Clans fans. The game and menu placement are very similar to the original. Images appear more three-dimensional and polished than other CoC clones, but of course this is a matter of individual preference. To be honest, it’s difficult to identify one element that distinguishes Clash of Lords from other similar games!

Greed for Glory: War Strategy

Greed for Glory: Strategy War is the only game in this compilation which features fully three-dimensional graphics that let you freely rotate and zoom in on the village. This gives you a better view of the battlefield during battle, but the graphics aren’t very refined. Greed for Glory has a kingdom instead of a clan and the atmosphere of the game is, therefore, more “medieval,” with a touch of fantasy, magic and, of course, dragons!

Clans Clash: League of Shadows

Clans Clash: League of Shadows has the most atmospheric graphics. They introduce their own style of mystery by using darker, dirtier colors. It will appeal to those who have had enough of the gaudy, candy colors in other games similar to Clash of Clans. The aesthetics are Steampunk style, or the alternative version of reality in which technology has developed rapidly, and the nineteenth century has many modern inventions. All this is mixed with fantasy in which there are orcs, goblins, and other fantastic creatures. The gameplay and mechanics of the game are very similar to that of Clash of Clans.

Throne Wars

Throne Wars is a game for those who are getting a little bored with games too similar to Clash of Clans. Throne Wars gameplay differs greatly from games like CoC. It involves developing a village, improving buildings, fighting with other players, and creating clans. In Throne Wars, we also have to develop more than one village. It’s the only game that’s played in portrait mode, or vertically. If you want to try something other than an exact copy of Clash of Clans, Throne Wars is well worth the download.

These seven games can be divided into two groups. The first is games that are very much like Clash of Clans, which include Jungle Heat (the only difference is a more military appearance) and Clash of Lords. All other games mentioned are trying to add something to make them stand out from the rest: Castle Clash is about battlefields and defending settlements; Battle Dragons is all about dragons; Greed for Glory is the only one presented in full 3D; and Throne Wars is the most distinct from the rest – graphics, vertical arrangement of the game, and more complex gameplay. In short, there’s something for everyone!

What’s your choice when you want a change to Clash of Clans on your Android phone?

Softonic Editorial Team

Softonic Editorial Team