Amazon sneaks its Android Appstore into its main app

Amazon sneaks its Android Appstore into its main app
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Six weeks ago, Amazon quietly snuck its entire Android app catalog into its main app. Users no longer have to hunt for a separate Amazon Appstore download. This move is interesting as Amazon basically inserted a Trojan Horse into Google’s own app store and operating system.

It’s in Google’s best interest to keep competing app stores like Amazon’s out of Google Play. This way, Google gets its 30% cut from app sales. In the past, Amazon got around this restriction by having Android users download and install a separate Appstore app, which could be found by navigating to Amazon’s website on an Android device.

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Now with its app store integrated directly into the Amazon app, users won’t need to install another app. However, users will still need to enable installing apps from outside sources to use the Amazon Appstore. This circumvents a key layer in Android’s security, which may scare some users.

In my testing, apps installed without issue but Google Play still offers a better experience, requiring fewer steps.

Amazon’s AppStore may gain traction since 50 to 100 million users already have its Amazon app installed. The store also offers one free app everyday and often discounts apps, which will attract frugal shoppers.

It’ll be interesting to see how Google reacts to Amazon’s brazen push of its own app store.

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Source: TechCrunch

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