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Apex Legends intermediate tips

Apex Legends intermediate tips
Jeremy Milliner

Jeremy Milliner

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Apex Legends has been out for less than a month and it’s already taken the battle royale crowd by storm. With over 50 million players in just a few short weeks, the title has had an incredible launch, and people are quickly getting the hang of how the game plays and how it differs from other battle royale titles such as PUBG or Fortnite.

Apex Legends

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This guide is for players who already know the ropes, but are looking for new tips to keep a step ahead of the competition and survive longer than the other malicious teams roaming Kings Canyon. If you are brand new to the game, we recommend first checking out our beginner guide below. Without further ado, let’s jump in:

10 tips to keep you ahead in Apex Legends

1. Down, but not out

Apex Legends isn’t Fortnite. When you get downed by an enemy player, you’re not out of the game. First off, you can throw up a knockdown shield to repel enemy shots. This can keep you from being completely finished off, and dissuade opponents from taking that extra time now that you’re not as much of a threat.

Apex Legends knockdown shield
You can be an irritant to enemy players even when downed.

Second of all, you can still help your team even when you’re on the ground. You can still ping locations, targets, give tactical feedback over your mic, and even open and close doors. Prove your worth, and they’ll be more likely to revive or respawn you!

2. Outfit your squad

It’s pretty instinctual to gear up for a fight as soon as you hit the ground, so there’s no need to go over that. However, just because you happened upon that blue armor or that purple stock doesn’t mean your teammates have gotten as lucky. Remember that you really need to move and fight as a team to win a match, and giving that Ultimate Accelerant to Lifeline might end up saving your own life later on.

Apex Legends team inventory HUD
Already have a blue helmet? Give the next one to your squad.

At any time you can peek at the bottom-left of your screen and see what your teammates are equipped with. If you chance upon higher-tier loot than they have, give it a ping and they’ll make a beeline for it. This is especially useful early in the game when not everyone has a helmet, backpack, or armor.

3. Know what inventory stacks

A lot of inventory items in Apex Legends stack, so you may well be able to carry more than you’d at first think, glancing at your backpack space. You can carry two grenades in one slot (as long as they’re the same type), six shield cells per slot, four ammo packs per slot, three medkits per slot, and six syringes per slot.

Apex Legends inventory
You can only carry one armor, but you can carry a lot of syringes

Try and maximize the number of health and shield kits you can carry, while still keeping a couple of slots open for extra grenades, accelerants, or rare upgrades. If you wind up switching guns later on, you might also consider dropping useless ammo or attachments in favor of more space for shields or medical supplies – especially late in the game. Don’t forget to ping dropped items that your teammates might want!

4. High-tier areas

By now most players know to follow the gun ship or land in the blue circle to get the best loot right off the bat (or to avoid those areas, depending on your play style). What some players do forget, however, is that whenever you enter a new location, the name of that location appears on the top left of your screen, and beneath it, how good the loot is.

Apex Legends high-tier loot area
Don’t ferret through areas if there’s nothing there worth taking!

If you walk step into Water Treatment and purple “High Tier Loot” comes on-screen, you might consider lingering here and opening up a few crates before moving on. If you’re playing Bloodhound, this is also a good time to scout out the area and see who’s already been here, and what they took with them.

5. There is no friendly fire

Obviously, there is no friendly fire in Apex Legends, but that also extends to your ultimate abilities. While you probably weren’t actively trying to bombard your teammates from orbit, you may not have considered dropping that bombardment on your own location when you get ambushed.

Apex Legends Bangalore Ultimate Rolling Thunder
You can rat out enemy players while your teammates run right under the bombardment

This is an especially good strategy if you’re playing Caustic, Bangalore, or Gibraltar. If you’re playing Gibraltar, you can also put up your shield to lure enemies out of the bombardment – and right into the barrel of your Peacekeeper.

6. Drop faster

If you already know where you want to land, or if you want to hit those high-tier spots before your enemies, the only way to do that is to hit the ground before they do. Flying straight at the spot you want is counter-intuitively not actually the fastest way to get there.

Apex Legends drop strategy
Zig-zag as you drop to maximize speed and distance, and keep other players guessing.

If you nosedive it will increase your fall speed. Then level out and go horizontal again towards the intended area. The zig-zag pattern this creates will get you where you’re aiming as fast as possible. Careful not to aim down too much, though; you might hit a wall or miss your target.

7. You can heal while sliding

Like we covered in our beginner tips, sliding is hugely important for traversal in Apex Legends. Experienced players will use it to get around more quickly and safely, while minimizing their time exposed and out in the open.

Apex Legends heal while sliding
Take care of your health and shields while you’re on the move!

To encourage sliding, Respawn also decided to let players reload guns, heal, use shield cells while sliding. Instead of sitting there out in the open or crouched behind cover, healing while moving is a great way to flank and recharge at the same time, getting to the next fight quicker and stronger. This is especially good for Lifeline since she can use these items faster.

8. Keep spare supplies for revived teammates

Apex Legends lets you respawn dead teammates at beacons, but when they show up they’ll be without any items, just like they were at first drop. Now that it’s later in the game, they’re really poorly equipped to fight the better-outfitted competition.

Apex Legends inventory
Respawning teammates also gives away your position, so get them re-equipped to fight ASAP!

More forward-thinking players might stock up on extra shield cells, med kits, syringes, and ammo so that re-entering teammates can quickly snatch it up and get back in the action. You can also ping supply crates, dropped weapons and items, or player boxes to give them a heads-up.

9. Shoot through rooftops

For whatever reason, housing in Kings Canyon isn’t great and the roof is in serious need of extensive repairs. Many of the structures in Apex Legends have missing shingles on the roof, and besides just a neat aesthetic, it’s a clever way to get the drop on enemies who thought they were behind cover.

Apex Legends shoot through roof
Poor Lifeline thought she was safe.

This is a great approach for any players skilled in parkour, but is much easier to employ if you’re playing as Pathfinder. Just use the grappling hook to get above your enclosed targets, and open the fight by tossing in a few arc stars or a thermite charge.

10. Break Caustic’s traps

Fighting a good Caustic player can be harrowing, especially late in the game when there’s not much space to maneuver in. His Nox Gas Traps can damage you, blur your vision, reveal your location, and slow you; all around not a good look for you. Luckily there’s a way to sabotage them so they don’t burst on you.

Apex Legends Caustic Nox Gas Trap red
Shoot the red segment and the bag won’t burst.

If you shoot Caustic’s traps on the red marks towards the bottom, you’ll break Caustic’s trap without triggering them and debuffing yourself. Not only does this keep you safe from his debilitating effects, but it also might surprise him; some player set up an ambush for you, and you’re walking right through it without setting it off. Don’t be surprised if you catch Caustic off-guard shortly after.

Hopefully, these tips will keep you alive and in the match longer! Let us know in the comments below if there’s any strategies you’ve found, and we’ll see you in Kings Canyon!

Jeremy Milliner

Jeremy Milliner

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