Dating apps: the worst things that can happen on the first date

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The Internet has turned around the lives of almost everyone. Things as common as reading newspapers, working, talking with friends, or even flirting can now be done over a computer or smartphone. Why would you go to a bar or nightclub to flirt if an app can instantly match you with someone related to your personality? Tinder, Snapchat, Zoosk or social network Badoo are some of the favorites of youngsters today. They only have to browse their fellow horny users from their mobile catalog and choose their potential partner “a la carte” style. It is all rather wonderful!

But online dating is not always so simple, and many doubts arise when having that all important first date. Does meeting your future partner face to face for the first time worry you? Is it important to be prepared in order for everything to run like clockwork? As many say, the best thing to get out of an extreme situation is to put yourself in the worst-case situation. So, arm yourself with courage and read on to discover the worst scenarios that could happen on your first “physical” date. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Dating apps: the worst things that can happen on the first date

1. The person never shows up.

Finally that glorious day has arrived when you’ll meet that hottie you met on Skout, or your current crush from OkCupid. You’re all set, you’re wearing the perfect outfit you have bought especially for the occasion and you’ve made a reservation at the best restaurant in town.  One slight problem however – your date fails to show up! To top off the embarrassment, it’s starts to pour it down with rain (only where you are) and a string quartet starts playing depressing music, the soundtrack to your life. It is common for virtual couples to suffer bouts of amnesia and never show up on the actual day, so try not to get too disappointed.

2. Your partner looks “slightly” different to their picture.

This time your partner has shown up, however something seems to have happened to their face. If your future husband or wife doesn’t look anything like their profile picture on Facebook  or eDarling, they have probably played with the truth. Perhaps it’s out of shyness, lack of confidence or maybe it’s Clayman, Batman’s archenemy. You’ll have to decide on whether you go with the exclamation “My God, you’re hideous!” (never well-received) give them the opportunity to explain the reason for their sudden change of look.

3. Your date knows much more than they should about you.

If you have managed to find and recognize each other, then, congratulations, things are looking promising! However, you forgot the name of the restaurant you reserved, yet luckily your date has the memory of an elephant and not only knows the address, but also the quickest route to get there. They also seem to know your address (although you’re sure you NEVER gave it to them), as well as your family tree (inside out), your social security number and what underwear you’re currently wearing. There are many stalkers lurking on the internet, so just be careful!

4. You’re both on the same page, just in different books (possibly libraries).

While many of the apps and websites like eHarmony assure you a 100% compatibility rate, things don’t go according to plan. We all know that attraction is not solely based on looks and tastes. Perhaps after meeting your date, you’ll stop thinking of them as a potential serial killer, and you may discover that the fireworks needed for a relationship to blossom are just not there.

5. Somewhere along the way, your wires got crossed.

Finally the big day has arrived to meet “the love of your life”, but once you start chatting, you suddenly realize that something isn’t quite right. Did they misread your messages? Did you use a bad emoji on WhatsApp? Try to be absolutely clear of you intentions when you first get chatting to that person, and carefully check the messages you send. We know perfectly well that written messages can sometimes be misinterpreted. We also know that it’s fun to be cryptic (some might call it sexy), but try to be as clear and honest as possible. Only after the following dates will you be in a better position to analyze the situation and get your point across in a more coherent and understood manner.

As you can see, internet and app dating can be an adventure full of mystery, excitement and can sometimes (fingers crossed) result in that happily-ever-after ending. Have you had any similar experiences? And which app do you find works best?

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