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10 apps to celebrate Geek Pride Day

Geeks, unite! Today, May 25, we celebrate geek culture. On this day, fans of sci-fi, fantasy, TV series, comics, video games, etc.… proudly declare their passion for the geek world. To honor your “Yep, I’m a geek!” pride, check out these 10 geeky-as-heck apps for your cell phone.

You’ll find all the download links for the apps at the bottom of the page…

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10 best apps for geeks

1. Voice Changer with Effects

Don’t let its generic name and icon fool you: this Voice Changer with Effects falls completely in geek territory. You can take on the voice of Optimus Prime from Transformers, Darth Vader, a zombie, a dragon, an alien… or even a ghost, whatever that means.

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2. Indiana Jones Whip

When you think of Indiana Jones, his faithful whip quickly comes to mind. This app makes the famous sound of Indy’s whip every time you shake your phone. Warning: the sound doesn’t come with a physical effect so it won’t help you train lions, for example.

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3. Star Wars Official App

Usually, official apps from big franchises are super boring. The official Star Wars app is a rare exception: it has an Augmented Reality feature, weather predictions for the Star Wars universe, the ability to unlock characters and ships… and you can even fight with a lightsaber or join the Dark Side.

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4. Stranger Things: The Game

If Stranger Things is an 80s-throwback party, its video game is nothing less. You’ll find references to Mario and Pac-Man throughout an adventure recreated in 16-bits, which was launched between seasons of the series. 100% free from start to finish.

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5. Gif Maker

Have you ever stumbled on a GIF from your favorite series or movie and thought “I could do something better?” Well, the moment has come to prove it to the world. With this app, you can go wild and easily create lots of GIFs.

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6. Instant Buttons

On this app, you’ve got popular sounds, plus the geekiest ones around. Just tap their eye-catching buttons and have a listen. And if your favorite sound isn’t available, you can add it yourself.

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7. SeriesGuide Show Manager

Do you follow TV series as they’re released in the U.S.? This app not only has the TV programming but also uses notifications to tell you when new episodes will appear. This app will free up all that space in your brain that you were using for planning and remembering what was on. Now you’ll have more space for… well… remembering the lyrics to your favorite openings.

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8. Comic & Meme Creator

Is your dream to make your own superhero comic or manga with “tsundere,” “senpai” and “mecha” characters? Well, with this app you can create stories from its extensive catalog of characters, items and backgrounds, to then share the final result with your friends.

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9. LINE Webtoon

If you like reading comics and don’t have LINE Webtoon, you’re missing out on a ton of digital comics, many of them from Western artists of all kinds: romance, action, comedy, epic sagas, short strips… All for free.

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10. Cinema Trivia Quiz

Think you know everything about cinema? The time has come to prove it with this cinema trivia app that is regularly updated to include the latest blockbusters. At the time of writing this article, there were over 1,500 questions awaiting you.

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