Auto backup your registry with Erunt

Erunt screenshotBacking-up your registry is one of most important – and often overlooked – tasks that users should perform on their PC’s every day. A corrupted or damaged registry can render your entire system useless and inoperable and so a simple backup everyday can save a lot of tears.

The thing is not many people have time every day to perform this task although many cleaning software programs now insist on backing up your registry before running. A better solution however is to use a program that automatically backs-up your registry such as Erunt. Erunt works by backing up your system every time you start Windows giving you peace of mind that whatever you do throughout the day, you don’t have to worry about corrupting it.

Obviously, Windows XP and Vista have their own ‘rollback’ functions which can be used in an emergency but these usually only extend back for a few weeks or so. With Erunt, you can roll back your registry to any date of the year as it saves your registry in chronological order.

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