Automating tasks on your PC

Autoit logoOne way to dramatically speed-up your productivity and PC’s performance is to automate tasks. Sometimes, this can be done to simply create a few hotkeys to reduce the amount of mouse work you do. Alternatively, it can involve automating defrags, shut-downs etc.

Probably the best tool by far for doing this is Ghost Control which allows you to record just about any macro imaginable. Anything that can be performed on your keyboard or mouse can be recorded in Ghost Control and then turned into a useful macro that you can assign to just one key. Autoit is a stripped-down version that does pretty much the same thing but also extends functions to automating DOS commands. WireKeys focuses on automating only keystrokes to help reduce writing time. So instead of writing an entire standard e-mail, just a few key strokes will type it for you. Another tool aimed to reduce writing time is LetMeType which can be configured to predict words as you type in any application – a bit like predictive texting on your phone. Finally, if you check the same websites every day, why not let iOpus Internet Macros take care of it for you. It automates your most common surfing habbit so you can sit back and take it easy.

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