Avast Business: Here Is The Robust Secure Solution for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Avast Business: Here Is The Robust Secure Solution for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

According to a recent study by Osterman Research, about 22% of the small and medium sized businesses that suffered a ransomware attack in 2016 were forced to close down. Another 15% of the businesses that were attacked survived but suffered a huge loss of profit.

On average, small and medium sized businesses lose 100 thousand dollars when they’re hit by a ransomware attack. That loss isn’t connected to the value of the stolen data but rather the time it takes the IT department to reestablish control over the company.

This study highlights an alarming trend: the biggest victims of ransomware are not the big global corporations; they’re the little guys who are trying to get their small to medium sized businesses up and running.

Unfortunately, according to another study by insurer Zurich, 22% of UK companies claim to be aware of the need for a solid cyber defense but at the same time admit that they do not know how to invest their cyber defense budget effectively. On top of this need is the pressure that comes from customers. 25% of the companies involved in the study explained that their customers were already asking them explicitly about the measures they were taking to protect themselves against threats like “a new Wannacry.”

Enter the scene Avast Business, which is a group of new products, from the famous antivirus software company, that focus on the security needs of small and medium sized businesses. The sole objective of Avast Business is to protect the data of its clients and to reduce the loss of time and productivity that a computer attack can cause.

How is Avast Business different from other similar solutions? The security offered is simple to use and simple to manage and has been built this way in response to a survey that was taken by small and medium sized businesses to find out exactly what they needed.

Avast then, are able to offer an easy to use yet robust system thanks to their acquisition of AVG in September last year. Avast and AVG technology combines to create a protection network that is literally always aware of the latest developments in viruses and malware.

Avast Business products can be divided into two categories: the different Avast Business Antivirus on the one hand and the management services on the other.

Avast Business Antivirus

Avast Business Antivirus is an EndPoint protection solution (it literally protects the employee’s computer) that is available in three different modes: Antivirus, Antivirus Pro and Antivirus Pro Plus. All modes contain the features that we already know such as defense shields, anti-spam systems, a password manager, a data eraser etc.

Why bet on Avast Business if it contains all of the features we’re used to having in the standard version of Avast? While the traditional method of threat detection is too slow and limited for the business world, Avast Business uses 400 million EndPoints, which, thanks to machine learning, can analyze and process 10 thousand files like URLs and suspicious attachments in real time.

All the findings discovered during this analysis were used to instantly update all Avast Business Antivirus features. This means Avast Business Antivirus not only anticipates anomalous cases, like Wannacry, it works proactively to alert of possible security threats and breaches like vulnerable network devices or software that is not updated. All of this without taking up too much of the employee’s time.

Avast Managed Workplace and AVG CloudCare Management Systems

If Avast Business Antivirus is designed to monitor specific computers, then Avast Business Management Services are designed for the IT team. As we’ve already mentioned, time is money for small and medium sized businesses. If you have to manage hundreds or even thousands of devices at once you can waste a lot of time.

Avast Managed Workplace is a platform that helps the technical team manage all of the company’s devices in a simple and effective manner. One of its most distinct successes is the control panel, with its user friendly interface and clear visual language, that quickly indicates when something unexpected has happened.

In addition to incorporating the robust anti-virus home brand, Managed Workplace allows you to automate processes like updating software, managing 3rd party applications or maintaining servers. This can help save valuable time, which can then be reinvested elsewhere in the company.

Meanwhile, AVG CloudCare is a security portal aimed at protecting your clients, whenever they’re using your devices. It follows the same “security that is easy to manage” motto; and rather than offering dozens of different tools for helping your customers, CloudCare offers all possible solutions in one place.

AVG CloudCare simplifies tasks like sending emails to clients to give them access to the programs that they need, remotely controlling devices to personally handle a problem or use AVG’s robust security products. It also allows you to add on-demand services such as the ability to activate an email security service or content filtering.

The Solution for a Cyber-World in Constant Threat

Each company is its own world. For some, the Avast Business Antivirus Pro suite will suit all needs. Others will be more interested in CloudCare with its certain on-demand services. The Avast Business product range has multiple options to fit the budget and needs of every company. We recommend visiting your official page to find out about different prices available and to obtain more information about what each product includes.

Recent cyber-attacks have highlighted two things. On the one hand, we have the eternal importance of having strong enough cybersecurity features to match the circumstances. On the other hand, and as many analysts say, Wannacry is a sign that cyber-attacks will continue to grow and attacks will become more and more frequent and sophisticated. Small and medium sized businesses need a solution that can detect the problem before it starts. A solution that is flexible enough to adapt to the intrinsic spirit and personality of each company. An easy-to-manage solution that automates whatever can be automated. The name of this solution is the Avast Business Protect Range.

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