The best “Back to School” apps

The best “Back to School” apps

Going back to school? In today’s tech world with so many apps being launched the question we asked ourselves was: Are there any apps that could help young kids and students learn efficiently whilst having fun? Well, of course there are so let’s not waste any more time and have a look at some of our favorite picks:

Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

Teach me – Kindergarten

TeachMe: Kindergarten is an app that introduces children to the basics of math, reading, and writing. To keep them engaged and wanting to play and “win” they receive coins for correct answers, which they can use to buy in-app stickers.

Download Teach me – Kidergarter for iOS

Starfall ABC’s

As the name of the app suggests Starfall ABC’s is designed to help children learn the alphabet. It includes various games that will turn the learning experience into fun and games.

Download Starfall ABC’s for iOS


Juana la Iguana goes to the Beach- Learn Spanish

Juana la Iguana Goes to the Beach is a fun app that helps children learn Spanish. The main character, Juana la Iguana, explores the beach not only teaching Spanish but also introducing children to the environment and the importance of protecting it.

Download Juana la Iguana Goes to the Beach for iOS

Early Elementary

A+ Spelling Test

A+ Spelling helps children improve their spelling through various tests that are easy to set-up. It also has a pretty cool multiplayer option so that your little one can practice spelling with a friend.

Download A+ Spelling Tests for iOS

Todo Math

Todo Math is a free app that is designed for kids between the ages of 3 and 8. Maths is everywhere and Todo Math takes advantage of this universality by packing maths problems into all sorts of fun and entertaining scenarios. Your kids will love it.

Download Todo Math for iOS


iTooch Elementary School App

With the iTooch Elementary School app children can learn the basics of Math, Language Arts, Science and even living a healthy lifestyle. As they progress they’ll gradually move on to more detailed lessons. If you live in the US, this app is perfect as it covers the official U.S Elementary curriculum.

Download iTooch Elementary School App for iOS

Late Elementary

Lightbot : Code Hour

Coding can be a mysterious scary world for some of us but Lightbot: Code Hours easily introduces children to programming by simply requiring them to solve puzzles that require logic.

Download Lightbot: Code Hour for Android

4th – Grade Reading Comprehension Social Studies

This app includes a selection of 22 stories about social studies. Students will not only practice reading and vocabulary but they’ll also learn about science. Stories have around 400-800 words and kids can take a test after reading each one.

Download 4th Grade Reading Comprehension Social Studies for iOS


Reading Train Full STEAM Ahead Books, Songs, Games

The Reading Train Full STEAM Ahead Books, Songs & Games app is designed to help children learn to read. With a library of more than 200 playful picture books, 20 sing-along song books and unlimited train game quizzes kids have access to a huge amount of reading and listening material.

Download Reading Train Full STEAM Ahead for iOS

Junior High

iTooch Middle School

iTooch Middle School is a perfect fit for children studying in the U.S. as it includes over 10.000 exercises that are based on the US National Common Core Standards. It is well suited for students from 6th to the 8th grade who want to practice and learn Math and Language Arts.

Download iTooch Middle School for iOS

Code Adventures: Programming Game For Kids

Code Adventures is a game about Aurora, a fuzzball that wants to go home, who needs help. This mission requires children to solve various puzzles that utilize programming concepts. This means they’ll have fun whilst learning about basic coding principles.

Download Code Adventures for iOS


Stack the Countries

What better way to learn about the world we live in is there than by playing a game? With the Stack the Countries app students will discover all the countries of the world and also learn about their capitals, landmarks, languages, flags and other fun facts and trivia.

Download Stack the Countries for iOS

High School

myHomework Student Planner

In today’s tech world it’s no wonder that a student’s physical agenda can be easily replaced by a digital one. A great example is the myHomework Student Planner app which students can use to keep track of classes, homework, tests, and assignments.

Download myHomework Student Planner for Mac

Download myHomework Student Planner for iOS

Duolingo – Learn Languages for Free

With the Duolingo app children can start learning one of 22 languages included just by taking fun, short and easy lessons. It covers basic common phrases and vocabulary as well as grammar lessons.

Download Duolingo for iOS

Download Duolingo for Android

SAT Prep by Ready4

Are you preparing for the SATs? Then why not practice on your phone too? The SAT Prep by Ready4 includes over 1000 questions and flashcards as well a question of the day to help students get ready for the test.

Download SAT Prep for iOS




Would you like to learn a new skill or take courses on a specific subject from top universities professors (Harvard University, MIT, UC Berkeley) at any time and from anywhere? The edX app offers these courses for free on their app.

Download eDX for iOS

Download eDX for Android

My Study Life

Trying to be better organized while also staying on top of your studies? The My Study Life app has been specifically designed for students to help them keep track of their homework, assignments and their class schedule. All this data is also available on the web app just in case you run out of battery on your phone.

Download My Study for iOS

Download My Study Life for Android


The TED app will give you access to over 2000 TED Talks that are held by expert speakers on various topics such as education, technology, design, business or creativity to name just a few. It’s a great resource for students who want to get specific information or who are just looking for some inspiration.

Download TED for iOS

Download TED for Android

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