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Best apps for finding new things to do

Whether you’re new in town or visiting a city for the first time, bored at home or looking for something a little different, finding things to do IRL isn’t always easy.

After all, there’s no guarantee that whatever you decide on doesn’t end up being totally lame.

Here, we’ve rounded up a handful of apps that will help you find something to do–whether it’s a concert, a sports game, or whatever else captures your interest.


meetup local events

Okay, duh, we get it. Meetup is the most obvious choice, here, but it’s a good, low-stakes way to broaden your horizons. Activities will vary based on where you live, but at least in Los Angeles, you can use the app to find networking groups, people to hike with, book clubs, and so on.

There are groups for gamers—board and video—as well as people who like concerts, sports, or whatever else you’re into. The best part? You can join events someone else has already planned.

Meetup Download Free


nearify event app

Nearify is an app for iOS, Android, and the web, that lets you know about all events happening near you—be it a concert, a music festival, a play, or a movie screening.

The app standout in this category due to a few unique features. There’s built-in AI that tracks your preferences over time and makes recommendations based on the bands you like, your favorite activities, and more. You can follow favorite artists and buy event tickets through the app, and it even helps you find stuff to do while traveling.


find events eventbrite app

Eventbrite may be best known as an app for event planners, that helps its users plan and promote their events.

But, they also provide a mobile app that anyone can use, regardless of professional planning status. The free mobile mobile app is a discovery engine that helps users find events in their communities. Inside you’ll find different categories like Editor’s Picks, Popular Events, and more.

Use it to discover popular events around you, see what your friends are doing, get recommendations, register for events, as well as pay for events and keep track of tickets.

Eventbrite Download Free

Facebook Local

Facebook Local App

Chances are, you’ve been using Facebook forever, but there’s a good chance that you’ve missed a useful feature that’s been around the entire time.

Facebook Local is an event-finding app that, as you might guess, helps users find new things to do.

The app allows you to search for events, places, and nearby by activities–including things like concerts and local happenings, as well as events your friends posted.

The Local app is broken up into three sections. There’s a home screen that allows you to search for a restaurant or coffee shop and keeps track of event suggestions in your area.

There’s also a section that’s kind of like Yelp in that, users can search for places that are “open now” or you can browse by category. And then, you’ll have a calendar app which features all of the events you’ve RSVP’d to, along with other calendars that you connect to your account. The idea is, you’ll have all of your social activities stored in one place.

Check out events in the main app or website, or download the standalone Facebook Local app.

Facebook Local Download Free

Gravy Events

gravy event finder app

Gravy Events is another app built to help you find fun things to do near you. The app uses location data to find matches, all of which are available within walking distance unless you change the settings.

The app is available for free on both Android and iOS and is similar to other entries on this list, like Nearify and Facebook Local.

There’s a built-in calendar, the ability to search based on interests, and access to local recommendations. It also recommends related events and covers everything from museum exhibits to meetups for connecting with new people.


sporty local sports activity app

For people looking for others to move around with, Sporty makes it easy to discover ongoing sports activities happening nearby.

The idea is, you can find people up for a game of tennis or catching a few waves. You might signup for a pick-up soccer game, an amateur baseball league, or whatever your activity of choice.

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