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The Best Christmas apps for 2021

The Best Christmas apps for 2021
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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It’s that time of the year again where people worldwide are getting into the festive spirit. As such, you’re probably searching for the best Christmas list of apps to enjoy on your mobile phone or PC.

As a gift to you, here are the top applications we recommend for a jolly good time.


If you’re looking for a fun Christmas elf app that lets you dance as one of Santa’s little helpers, try ElfYourself. It has an editing feature where you can place your head on an elf’s body. When you’re ready, you can select from the library of songs for your character to dance to. You’ll also be able to share the video with your family and friends on social media.

There are various ways you can add your face, such as choosing an image from your phone or social media or taking a new photo. You’ll also find pre-designed filters to assist with the video blending for a realistic experience. The entertainment of this app will probably only last until New Year, but we guarantee you’ll have a few laughs along the way.

The Best Christmas apps for 2021

Christmas Time Pro

Are you eagerly awaiting Christmas and would like an app on your PC to remind you when it is? That’s the premise of Christmas Time Pro. You’ll see a timer appear on your desktop counting down to the exact second for the special occasion. After the festive season passes, you can disable it until the following year.

The only other feature is that you’ll receive a festive wallpaper to keep you excited for the special day. If anything, your children will enjoy looking at your PC to see how much time is left. It also helps if you have a lot on your plate and don’t have the time or energy to calculate it yourself.

The Best Christmas apps for 2021

Animated Christmas Lights

One of the top recommended app lights for Christmas is Animated Christmas Lights for Windows. As the title suggests, it places a widget on your desktop with lights that flicker, adding to the festive atmosphere. While you can’t rotate any of the items, it’s still enjoyable to see on your screen leading up to the special day.

There are only a few configurations you can use to make some adjustments. For instance, you can change the opacity to make the lights slightly more transparent or increase the shadows. You can even open more instances if you want to litter your screen with animated Christmas lights. If you don’t like the color arrangement, feel free to change it.

The Best Christmas apps for 2021

Holiday Lights Designer

Another light app for Christmas is Holiday Lights Designer. However, this application takes the effects a bit further. Instead of just placing lights on your screen, it helps you design your home so you can decide which is the best placement in any of your rooms. It’s especially beneficial if you have no idea where to put the lights this festive season.

How it works is that you take a photo of any part of your house, inside or outside. There are several light options you can choose from, while you can also have a look at the various layouts available. You can place an entire string of lights or work on one bulb at a time. The trick is being able to mimic the design in real life, so we hope you’re up to the challenge.

The Best Christmas apps for 2021

Merry Christmas Photo Frames

Would you like to design exotic festive frames with your photos for the holiday season? Merry Christmas Photo Frames has a wide selection you can choose from, making it as easy as placing your images inside the frames. It makes for a delightful surprise if you plan on making them for friends and family.

The beauty of this app is that you can also add other elements. You’ll find several stickers you can apply, which children will absolutely love, while there’s an option to add text to make it more personal. Even though the templates are standard for all users, you can still make them unique and stand out from the crowd.

The Best Christmas apps for 2021

Free Christmas Tree

With most items becoming virtual these days, it’s no surprise to find this Free Christmas Tree as part of the selection. Even if you have a real tree set up in your home, it’s a nice companion for your desktop if you find yourself working over the festive season. The graphics look realistic, so at least you can say you made some effort this year.

Fortunately, there are some customizations options you can play with to make it more enjoyable. You’ll find various skins to change at any time, while you can alter the countdown clock’s font. As soon as Christmas is passed, you can continue the countdown to New Year if you wish.

The Best Christmas apps for 2021

Christmas Elf

Here’s another Christmas Elf app you can add to your desktop, but it serves a different function. Instead of making you dance on your phone, this elf will aid you with decorating your screen. It works on any operating system from Windows XP and up, and we even tested it on Windows 11 and found that it works.

What makes this one of the best Christmas apps for 2021 is the number of configurations you have. You can change the colors of the lights around the border of the screen and set how they flicker. There are several festive songs you can play, while you also have different trees to place on your screen. If you live in a warm climate for the holidays, you’ll love the snow patterns that fall on your desktop.

The Best Christmas apps for 2021

Greeting Cards Software

Are you struggling with designing cards and would like a Christmas card app to assist you? Greeting Cards Software has several templates and layouts you can use, as well as some editing features built-in. It’s not only reserved for Christmas, as you can also use it for other occasions, such as New Year, weddings, or birthdays.

The interface is easy to use, and you can quickly download any of the available card formats. There are also different sizes you can choose from, but you’ll need to ensure that it matches your printer’s settings. If you want to save paper, feel free to share the Christmas cards electronically or on social media.

The Best Christmas apps for 2021

Merry Christmas PNG Pack

When you’re looking for more than just lights, trees and borders, the Merry Christmas PNG Pack may just be perfect for you. These small images are ideal for changing the icons on your desktop to match your holiday spirit. Instead of standard images, you can change them to Santa’s hat or snowballs.

There are about 50 icons you can try. You’ll need to keep in mind where you save them so that you can quickly access them for your icons. They’ll help you set the mood for Christmas by adding items like snowmen, trees, balls, and more.

The Best Christmas apps for 2021

Google Santa Tracker

The last item you should add to your Christmas wish list for apps is the Google Santa Tracker. It’s a fun program for children who want to see where Santa Clause is during the special day. For a more entertaining experience, be ready to don that Santa suit when midnight arrives.

There are a few mini-games included in the Christmas app. You can help elves wrap presents or aid with other challenges. While there are some easy ones for the children, you’ll also find more difficult ones for adults so that the entire family can enjoy them.

The Best Christmas apps for 2021

We wish you a Happy Christmas

There you have it, our list of the best Christmas apps for 2021. We had fun making this list for you, setting the festive spirit for us in our remote offices at home. We hope you find some enjoyment with them, and feel free to share other applications you discovered online.

You can also check out our articles on the best online stores for our last minute Christmas shopping and how to create a Christmas card in Photoshop.

Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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